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The teams both go to their kitchens and start to prep and get their supply orders in. Colicchio arrives for his Sniff 'n' Sneer. He's surprised that Tiffani is doing two menus. She's doing scallops (two ways), artichokes (two ways), fish (two ways), meat (two ways), and a duo of desserts. To the cameras, Colicchio points out the bleeding obvious -- that what Tiffani is trying to do is very difficult. After talking to Harold, Colicchio decides that while Harold has intricate dishes, he's "playing it safe." Whatever -- how is he playing it safe? Only in the face of the fact that Tiffani is going overboard by doubling up on her dishes. If Tiffani wasn't doing that, would Colicchio still think Harold was playing it safe? Colicchio adds that they both have strong teams behind them, so "there should be no excuses." Back at craftsteak, Dave tells us that he's glad he memorized his dessert recipes: "They're not going to benefit me, but I think they're going to benefit Tiff." Prep time is over, and after Harold and Tiffani give us a rundown of their feelings (hint: they both want to win), Dave pleads with America not to be pissed at him for helping Tiffani win because he's just being a good sport. Heh.

Next morning. We learn that the Nob Hillpeople will be cooking first, and Harold tells us he needs to get his adrenaline under control. The Nob Hillpeople cook. At one point, with one hour to go, Lee Anne asks, "Quick question, chef?" "Call me Harold, come on, call me Harold," Harold pleads. Aw. Lee Anne laughs, "All right, H." Harold tells us it was weird for him to be called "chef" by Miguel and Lee Anne because he looks at them as peers, not underlings. As the servers come in for their instructions, Harold reminds us that he's not good in the front of the house. Miguel tells us he's getting an "eerie" feeling because things are going too smoothly. Well, stay far away from the salt, then. Or sugar. Lee Anne explains something to Miguel, and he drops a pan. "Miguel, come on!" Lee Anne snaps and then immediately apologizes for snapping.

As Colicchio and the Dinnerati walk into Nob Hill, we can see that Harold has hand-written his menu and put all three chefs' names at the bottom in the order of Miguel, Lee Anne (which he misspells as "Lee Ann"), and himself. Harold walks out to greet his guests and Bot introduces him to: Lorraine Bracco (of The Sopranos and the wine; Dana Cowin (editor-in-chief of Food & Wine); Huber Keller (of the cute and the shy); Michael Mina (chef and owner of Nob Hill, Michael Mina, Michael Mina Bellagio, about five other restaurants, and a menu containing a seventy-five-dollar lobster pot pie); and Drew Nieporent (of Myriad Restaurant Group). Harold tells us he's nervous to see who all's out there. He bids them all to have a nice meal and runs back to the kitchen. Back in the kitchen, Harold crouches by a mini-fridge, which turns out to be a mini-bar, as he holds up a tiny bottle of Bombay Sapphire and salutes the camera with it before taking a quick sip. Now, I don't see anything wrong with this. It's his future he's gambling with if he gets drunk and fucks up. Also, I just don't see Harold as being so irresponsible that he would get completely wasted before completing the task at hand. So he had a little "nerve tonic," so what?

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