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Vegas Finale, Part II

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The first course is sent out. It's a seared diver scallop with a blood orange and fennel salad. Looks like there's some mâche in the salad as well. The first course is paired with the Pinot Grigio, and Lorraine is whiskey-voiced and happy with the result. Harold pleads with a server to eavesdrop for him. Heh. Michael Mina likes how lightly the salad was dressed because "you can actually taste the product." "It might have been dressed a little early, perhaps?" Gail wonders. The server reports this particular critique back to Harold, who decides, "It wasn't a home run, I guess." Yeah, but Lorraine, Michael Mina, and Hubert all had good things to say about it. Forget Gail -- she was just trying to impress her boss!

The second course of olive oil-poached bass goes out. Bot complains, "The piece that I got is just mostly the bloodline." That'll put you right off food for good, right, Bot? Honestly, I don't think the bloodline in white fish is that big of a deal. The area is just pinker than the rest -- it's not like you cut into a vein and get a spurt or anything. Suck it up, Bot. Michael Mina thinks Harold's seasoning is too light, explaining, "When you poach in fat, you gotta season the fish again." Lorraine doesn't know if it was the right dish for the Brunello. Hubert thinks his fish was presented upside down. In the kitchen, Harold frets. Miguel counsels him that it's natural for this group to be incredibly nitpicky.

Wine is decanted and plates of pan-roasted quail with herb spaetzle and cherries and foie gras are brought out as the fourth course. "Hopefully we'll kill 'em with this one, otherwise I go out there with my bulletproof vest on," Harold jokes with the servers. Drew wonders how other people like their quail cooked because he's not a fan of the undercooking, even though, as he acknowledges, it seems to be more the thing to do these days. Hubert thinks the quail is a little overcooked for him. "I have to say," Dana says, "this made me just happy." What is she -- a judge on Iron Chef? So many of those judges from the original Japanese version used to always say, "[giggle] My mouth is so happy right now![giggle]" Drove me batty. Dana says she thinks the flavor combinations are classic. Harold continues to fret and brood in the kitchen as he worries about letting Lee Anne and Miguel down. "Naw, it's not about letting us down, man, it's about picking you up, bro," Miguel tells him sweetly. Harold takes another Bombay Sapphire swig.

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