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Kitchen. Dave reports that when you have resources in the kitchen, you should use them, but Tiffani wanted to do everything herself, so food and dishes sat too long as a result. In the dining room, Tiffani explains the steamed branzino with ratatouille and the crispy branzino with black olive pappardelle. She then goes on and on about what she thinks about fish getting oversauced while her guests are still politely not eating. Michael Mina looks bored. Tiffani is finally about to leave but then stops to announce that the Primitivo wine goes with the crispy branzino and the Amarone with the steamed branzino. Colicchio sort of throws his hands up at this addition. Bot finally states, "She talks too much." Go, Bot! Who knew you had it programmed into you? The Dinnerati all bitch about their food getting cold while she rattled on. "I almost said, 'Eat up, it's warm,'" Lorraine gripes. Colicchio says something about an absolute disaster.

Kitchen. Tiffani tells Stephen and Dave, "You guys have been fantastic, thank you." I know this is probably my Tiffani hate clouding my hearing, but it doesn't sound like Tiffani's used to saying "thank you" to people who are working for her. Something just didn't ring true or sincere or easy in her voice. Dave reminds her not to thank them too soon because they could still fuck it up. He then asks what number they are on. "This is the meat course, this is four," Tiffani reminds him. Dave is shown sipping some more wine. Tiffani plates the meat. "She looks like Mario Batali," Mathra decides, "a pre-pubescent Mario Batali who couldn't grow a beard to save his life."

Dining room. Before the meat courses are brought out, Bot says, "I think we should just eat through her talking." Colicchio agrees. Tiffani comes out and explains her saltimbocca with Primitivo glace, and tells them to drink the Barolo with it. Dana is sort of confused as to why they aren't drinking the Primitivo with the Primitivo dish. Tiffani then explains that the veal with minted peas and spinach crema is paired with the Brunello. After Tiffani leaves, Dana observes, "I think it just continues this very perverse wine service." I assume she's referring to the Barolo being paired with the Primitivo glace. Lorraine thinks, "I think we needed our sommelier." Bot tells them all that Tiffani does in fact have a sommelier on her team. Hey, don't saddle Stephen with this -- he had no say. "Both dishes are good, but they're not great," Colicchio decides. "I'm not needing to lick my plate and that makes me sad," Lorraine says.

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