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Richmond HQ. It's damage control time as Jamie tells Richmond he walked right into Adams' trap. Richmond says he had no choice, and Gwen suggests they keep moving forward. Jamie thinks Richmond should distance himself from Ahmed, but Richmond takes issue with this tack. He says he's seen too many good people railroaded by a racist justice system. What's more, Ahmed hasn't been charged with anything yet, and he doesn't want to join the torch-waving mob. He promises to publicly demand Ahmed's resignation if he is arrested in the murder, but Jamie doesn't think that's enough. Gwen and Jamie suggests Richmond speak with the school superintendent about demanding Ahmed take a leave of absence. Richmond refuses, saying it's wrong and he won't have any part in it. Jamie thinks it's also wrong that Richmond might lose this election because of Ahmed and lose his chance to do good for so many more people than Ahmed could ever affect. He leaves, angry, and Gwen stays behind. She pledges allegiance to him and his flagpole as they start to get down and dirty. Alas, they're interrupted when an attack ad from Adams airs on the TV behind them. It accuses Richmond of supporting a presumed murderer and charges Richmond to admit he's wrong. It ends with the tag line: "Darren Richmond -- Wrong for Seattle." Talk about a $50,000 cock block.

The next morning, Day Seven officially begins. The Larsen boys are watching a newscast about Rosie's ongoing investigation as Mitch's parents arrive and quickly shut off the TV. Mitch's mother proves she's not the nurturing type as she manages to insult Mitch's mothering skills and Terry's lifestyle within the span of one sentence. She brings up "that black teacher, the Muslim" as a means of disparaging the private schools. And that, my friends, was a taste of Mitch's mother.

Richmond HQ. Jamie arrives as Gwen is bombarded by media phone calls wanting a response to the Adams smear campaign. Jamie tells her he's been dealing with his own troubles in the form of big fish donor Tom Drexler. Gwen tells Jamie to assure Drexler that they're planning their own ad in response and tells Jamie it's his responsibility to figure out how and with what funds to so. He shoots back that it's on her since she was "so gung ho about taking the moral high ground." They exchange barbs over who's a better politician and who has the best vision for the campaign. At the end, it's a draw.

Over in his office, Richmond looks pensively at a letter from the Bainbridge Corrections Facility for Women.

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The Killing




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