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Under the Gun

Across town, Richmond listens to some bigoted radio commenter spewing vitriol against him on the radio as he heads to his mother-in-law's house. Marion asks if Richmond's planning to go to the parole hearing. Richmond says he's not sure. Marion tells him holding on to his hate won't bring Lily back and that it might be time to forgive his wife's killer. Richmond says that a drunk driver isn't worthy of forgiveness. Marion tells him she's been watching his campaign and has seen Richmond floundering as if he didn't deserve to win. She asks, "Are you sure it's just that woman you can't forgive?"

Larsen home. The phone rings, and Mitch tells her mother not to answer it. Her mother answers anyway. It's the media, asking about Ahmed. Mitch firmly hangs up the phone and assures her mother that Stan says the police need room to do their job. Her mother retorts, "Hmmmm? Stan says..."

Elsewhere, Stan takes the boys to the park. They ask him to tell them once and for all what really happened to Rosie -- "no more Heaven stuff." He tells them a bad man took her and killed her. They wonder if the same is going to happen to them. He promises it won't.

Back at the house, Mitch reads Belko the riot act for not telling her what he knew about Ahmed. She says if Belko's holding out on her, she'll throw him out on his ass. Belko tells her about his friend at the school and about The Cage. He says he offered to "do something about it" for Stan and offers her the same courtesy. Mitch walks away silently.

Out on the beat, Linden calls Jack and arranges to pick him up later, then pops another piece of gum in her mouth. Holder wonders if her "old man" made her quit smoking. She tautly says, "His name's Rick, and no, he didn't." As the testy conversation progresses, Holder insinuates that Rick is gay and Linden basically tells him he's a prick who needs to shut the eff up. They drive silently to the mosque, where they must take off their shoes off before talking to one of the mosque officials. He tells them Ahmed was new to the mosque and refuses to help them find Mohammed. He bids them good day, and they go to put on their shoes. As Holder makes a jibe about how the official was wearing a dress, Linden finds a note in her shoe with the address 106R Renton Ave. South. She runs outside but can't find the anonymous informant. They take the note, put on their shoes, and go to check out the lead.

Night falls as Richmond arrives back to his office. He's not alone because all the other city council members are filing in for an emergency meeting that Adams has called to freeze funds for the Seattle All-Stars. He's calling in all his favors to torpedo Richmond. Jamie thinks the only way that Richmond can save the program is to ask for Ahmed's resignation. Richmond heads in and calls the session to order. He starts with a preface that, while some people deserve punishment, the kids in the Seattle All-Stars do not deserve to be punished. He begs them to look into their hearts and not succumb to ugly politics.

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The Killing




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