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Under the Gun

Larsen home. Mitch heads into the bedroom after putting the boys to bed. He starts kissing and fondling Mitch, trying to bring her some of the comfort they both so desperately need. But she's not ready to escape her mourning yet, not ready to feel pleasure. It would be selfish. She apologizes and leaves the room.

Over on Renton Avenue, Linden leaves another message for Rick. As usual, Holder is ready to give up on this lead because they can't find 106R. As Linden walks around the back, Holder cat calls a girl on the street. He eventually follows Linden, where they find the store's rear entrance. Indeed, it's marked 106R. Holder moves to kick open the door, but Linden says they have no probably cause. Holder lies that he hears someone yelling help inside and smashes in the door. They walk cautiously through the butcher shop, eying the meat hooks and saws. They find a padlocked room and go inside.

Meanwhile, Mitch stakes out the Ahmeds' house and Stan invites Denny back into bed with them. Adams smugs that his proposal went through, and Jamie gives him a meaningful look as he walks out of the session. Before we get to see what Holder and Linden have found, the FBI busts in and forces them to the ground.

Next week: Everyone begins to crack. Linden questions Holder's ability to be an effective investigator. Jamie questions Richmond's ability to win the race. Stan questions Mitch's commitment to her surviving two children. Ahmed questions how he got into this mess.

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The Killing




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