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Bleeding For Monsters


Dylan: "So at school everybody says my dad's pretty much the worst."
Alicia: "Hey, didn't your dad say you go to basketball camp in the summer? Are you by any chance a Bulls fan? Because I saw them win their second championship. My husband took me, on our second date. I knew it was exciting, but I couldn't really tell what was going on. I don't know anything about basketball!"
Dylan: "Oh, white lady. Your voice is quite soothing. It helps that I am a little kid that can't tell when he's getting jerked around."


Diane: "Maybe I can help you guys. Just tell me what this is about..."
Lana: "The underlying complaint is sealed, thank you very much."
FBI: "And that video game is long gone..."
Lana: "Smooth move, Kalinda."
Kalinda: "Listen, if the last six episodes you were in didn't stop you from being in love with me, I doubt this one time where I ruined your entire operation is going to do it."

Cary: "Funny thing is, there weren't any DEA agents in that assault. It was all FBI. So this isn't about steroids."
Diane: "But we still don't know what it is, because the Feds warrant is sealed until he's arrested, at which point..."
Cary: "What we need is somebody else to get arrested in connection with this search. Legal judo!"

Everybody looks at everybody else, slowly turning toward Lesli, who is like Fuck this! I have ballet class tonight! Finally they settle on Cary, silently, because this is his idea and because it's funniest if it's him. I mean, whoever it is will be immediately released so it's not like he's in any danger, but if Diane for example were to do it, that would just be weird and sad. So here we go.


Kalinda: "Hey Lana, why looking so bitchy? You usually find my shenanigans hilarious."
Lana: "Well, I still do. But meanwhile, somebody tossed my apartment, and now it's been sealed off, and I have to sleep at my sister's, and that makes me mad at Lemond Bishop, which makes me kind of mad at you for working for him..."
Kalinda: "Ah, so you think it was him. And why wouldn't you? And so now the truth is revealed. I actually do have to Harry & The Hendersons basically everybody if I'm ever going to shake Nick. Well, I'm glad you're okay and it was fun being gay with you."


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