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Bleeding For Monsters

(Grant Shaud was also in The Crow: Salvation, which I have never seen but which, like all the Crow sequels, has a Wikipedia writeup of such intense and naïve beauty that it makes me feel like Cary Agos looking at Hayden Clarke. Just starry-eyed. You have no idea how many times I have read those Wikipedia pages and just hugged the universe closer to myself in gratitude for their having existed. Were those Wikipedia pages a man, I would marry that man so fast.)

Judge: "My quirk is that I have investments and I don't mind making calls to my broker on a Saturday instead of hearing about how you used Cary Agos's scorching hot ass to get a federal warrant unsealed."
Lana: "I don't think a Franks motion or whatever works here, since he has no connection to the warrant..."
L/G: "Mr. Agos's Fourth Amendment rights against illegal search and seizure are being egregiously violated!"
Lana: "We're here, this warrant exists, because Bishop is a public threat. I'm talking suspension of personal rights for reasons of, like, terrorism. Welcome to Obama's America."
Judge: "What we have here is a legal tie, and ties always go to the runner."

(Football? I'm gonna guess football. Wait, what other sports have people running around? Most of them, I'd wager. Stickin' with football.)


The Deal: One of the CIs involved in the FBI investigation, #691, went missing 72 hours ago, and the FBI was nominally looking for her whereabouts. But whatever she has Informed them of, Confidentially, isn't enough to actually charge Bishop.

Bishop: "Can I use your phone to call Dex?"
Alicia: "My phone?"
Lesli: "Obviously his landline is bugged. Amateur."


Jimmy V has photoshopped Indira Starr's face onto a bikini body. This is an actual line of dialogue from the show:

Eli: "Look, he's found a way to make it go viral... If there's one thing the mainstream media likes, it's a visual. Look. Damn it!"



Kalinda: "How did I know you'd be chilling on my bed when I rushed over here?"
Nick: "Because that is our whole storyline? One or the other of us runs into this apartment to find the other one sitting there, being sassy?"
Kalinda: "You are fucking insane if you think breaking into an FBI agent's apartment is a smart thing to do. I'm calling the cops and reporting a break-in."

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