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Bleeding For Monsters

Nick: "Whatever. But first, I think you should look at this huge hole in your wall that I found. Remember? You busted in your wall in last year's season finale, with the giant mallet you used on Bill in this year's season premiere? Stash and gun and everything?"
Kalinda: "Oh right, that's where that came from. Also, how funny that you almost found it like weeks ago when you hurted your hand on that vanity mirror in front of it. Which I randomly found time to replace at some point."
Nick: "Anyway, where is the rest of my money? There's only ten grand here."

Things get complicated at this point; they kind of have their first successful interaction of the season now, like, all the complexities and weirdness and darkness we're supposed to have picked up on, actually starts to make sense this one time.

Kalinda: "I cannot have you here, disrupting my very real life I've built."
Nick: "Disrupting your life? I am obsessed with you. Do you understand that I have completely lost my mind and soul to the Kalinda Effect? I have tried to love other women. I can't do it. I am fucked up and broken, thanks to you. And every time I get rapey on you this season, and you give in, there's a way in which you are knowingly dicking me back. Just like you do everybody else on this show, just giving them enough to keep them under your control. Except with me, it's going to backfire horribly."

Kalinda: "Okay, I can see that. And actually now that you mention it, I feel terrible for you. You are a sad little fucker. But what you need to understand is that Lela, this 1.0 girl you're so obsessively in love with, she is dead. I spent four years trying to kill her, finally succeeded when I decided to fight you last finale, and this time we've just been having a threesome with her ghost. And that is fucking pathetic. But basically you're asking me to come up with a third personality that doesn't do this to people anymore -- and we both know you'll still be in love with 1.0 no matter how many times I do that."

Nick: "I have no response to that. So but in other news, you know how I broke into your girlfriend's apartment?"
Kalinda: "Yeah, and can I just say..."
Nick: "No, listen to me. I found these pictures of you. She has them everywhere, like the yarn-webbed wall of a conspiracy theorist or freelance profiler. She's coming after you for something. I won't say I'm not happy to say it, but I'm telling the truth."

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