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Bleeding For Monsters

The one we see, through blinds like a noir, is of herself, meeting with Eli. That's way too close. Too close for anything. I mean, the top level of paranoia would say this is actually about Lela, which brings in Peter and Eli and Alicia and everything, brings her whole life down in a criminal way. But in even the best-case scenario, this is less about Lana's obsessive weirdness, like with the IRS thing, and on into the bad places. No longer tenable. Kalinda, still near weeping with sympathy for poor awful broken Nick, pulls away when he tries this time. Pulls away and heads back home.


L/G: "Dex. Are there any people you might think would be a snitch, who also hasn't turned up for work in a while? Anybody like that who maybe just fucking slipped your mind while all this was going on?"
Dex: "Oh right! Yeah, that's Christina Diaz you're talking about. Receptionist at one of the health clubs. Now that you mention it, I bet she's pretty dead."


Eli: "Jimmy V, I'm sorry that I don't yet have a quote for you, but the truth is that there's nothing to talk about! It's a non-story, how do I comment on that? There is no story here. That's all I got for you."
Peter: "[Stump-speechifyin'.]"
Maddie Hayward: "Hi, Eli! Any trouble with the campaign I'm financing for reasons of my own?"
Eli: "No, but listen to this great part of the speech where he talks about women and healthcare and stuff."
Maddie Hayward: "Bitch, I saw that photoshopped girl. Hang up and damage control me right this minute."

Eli: "Okay, what can I do for you?"
Maddie Hayward: "My friends are asking me what I think, which puts me in a very awkward position..."
Eli: "It's awkward for you to respond to lies about things that are not real?"
Maddie Hayward: "My 'friends,' Eli, are very busy businesswomen. They can handle a male candidate only so long as there aren't issues of male privilege in play. The sex stuff just rubs it in our faces..."
Eli: "You had your shot with Wendy Scott-Carr. Pick better bitches next time."


Dex: "I didn't tell Christina anything beyond the HGH stuff she was running. She was discreet, and..."
Alicia: "Oh my God, you were sleeping with her."
Everybody: "Good call, Florrick."
Dex: "Fine. I had a crush. I didn't tell you because it makes me look dorky. But yeah. She has a boyfriend, and he rides a motorcycle, and sometimes she leaves town to get away from him. Like if you had a pet tiger, sometimes you..."

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