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Bleeding For Monsters

Lawyers: "So let's look into his crew, because the Feds don't just go digging like that."
Kalinda: "Also, it's not about your drug business. It's about the legit stuff. And in fact, they took files on all 20 of them so we don't even know which one."
Lesli, awesomely: "So Diane, do you need help going through your legal work?"
Everybody: "Good one. But shut up."
Bishop: "Clearly they're going after some small oversight so they can arrest me and bring down the whole thing. Figure out what. And I want Alicia here for when the cops do come. I don't want my son scared, and I don't want an 'accident' to befall me during the arrest."
Diane: "That's not going to happen."
Bishop: "Pardon your privilege, white lady, but yes it is. And also what is happening is that Alicia is spending the day with me and my son."

Diane: "Is this okay?"
Alicia: "Are you kidding? This is my dream job. I haven't gotten to tangle myself up this bad in a villain's shit since that time we sent Colin Sweeney into that jail to get stabbed."
Diane: "And you know it's just because of Peter?"
Alicia: "At some point you're going to have to stop asking me that, sister. It's always going to be about Peter. Just use it and be glad you have me."
Diane: "To say nothing of how nice I'm gonna have to be once Maddie Hayward shows her hand and I get guilty for being so jealous and bitchy about your fake friendship."


While waiting for further developments, Alicia and Lemond go through all of his people to determine all the different ways they could turn on him or open him up to crap. In the middle, Dylan comes home still excited about his birthday stuff, and Alicia gets to burn the image of motherless Dylan in his father's strong arms into her brain some more.

Alicia: "Hey, Peter. Sorry I left the straw poll, but..."
Peter: "Hold off on your apologies, because here's what is going on with me. Mandy Post handed that fake story to this blogger, and so now he's running it as a process story. He gets eyeballs and sensationalism, and Mandy gets to satisfy her crazy. Everybody wins except me."
Alicia: "Ah, well. Death of print journalism, 24-hour news cycle, whatever."
Peter: "You seem blasé."
Alicia: "No, just resigned. I secretly like being better than you, and I'm not the one running for office, so..."

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