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Bleeding For Monsters

Peter: "Love you, honey. I'll call the kids and let 'em know they're going to be hearing about Daddy's dick some more."
Alicia: "Oh right, we have kids."

Bishop: "You know what bums me out more than my forthcoming incarceration or the systematic destruction of my entire empire? His birthday party is going to suck because nobody will come."
Alicia: "That's so sad. But also it kind of makes sense, because maybe just don't be a drug dealer? And then these things wouldn't be happening to you?"


So prime guy to check on first is a Dexter "Dex" Roja, who may have been moved prematurely into management, and whose six businesses we'll be focusing on. Diane, Will and Cary settle in to check up on stuff, with Hayden sitting by playing Angry Birds.

L/G: "That doesn't actually help, his records are a nightmare."
Hayden: "Check the footnotes, that's where accountants stash the bullshit."
Will: "How do you know? How do you know anything, useless Hayden Clarke?"
Hayden: "I was a CPA for 22 years. Where does an accountant put his mistakes?"
Diane: "I dunno, where?"
Hayden: "In the footnotes, idiot."
Diane: "Oh, because I thought you were setting up a... You used a common construction signifying... Never mind. Fuck me for thinking you were a human being."

Cary: "Hayden Clarke, look deeply into my eyes. Get lost in them."
Hayden: "God help me, I have never been this turned on or this devoid of free will."
Cary: "Good, now listen. Hayden Clarke, you will help us with this bookkeeping stuff."
Hayden: "I will help you with this bookkeeping stuff."


Rando Journo: "Eli, what's a win to you?"
Eli: "Duh, the majority of straw poll votes?"
Rando Journo: "Come on, you got this hands down. But I'm hearing you need 95 percent to keep the other two Democrats from being contenders..."
Maddie Hayward: "...Did somebody just say my name? No? I'll just go back to lurking around for no reason, then."
Eli: "Only the lamestream media would call a 90 percent landslide a loss."
Rando Journo: "So you're looking at a 90 percent landslide, then."

Jimmy V posts his story; Eli shoves the RJ out of the way so he can go scare Peter.

Eli: "Plus, he used 'social media' to make it 'go viral.' Words and concepts such as those."

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