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Bleeding For Monsters

Diane, verbatim: "I don't know what's more startling, your sanctimony or your hypocrisy!"
Sciorra: "Right back atcha, lady. But guess what, that gay couple who works for you just found a discrepancy in the health club juice bar. Not my deal."


Dex: "There's nothing wrong with the juice bar, beyond being closed and still making money."
Bishop: "Just tell us what's going on."
Dex: "I was just doing what you said! Being entrepreneurial! A self-starter! A seller of HGH!"
Bishop, scaring Alicia: "What the fuck part of 'don't sell drugs on the legit side' passed you by? How do you not get the Chinese Wall thing, when it's all we ever talk about?"

Alicia: "Whew, it is getting scary in here. What's going on out there?"
Kalinda: "Hey lady. There's a cable van down the block that looks like the FBI's usual pathetic attempt at seeming undercover. I'm going to check it out, but be ready to move."


Kalinda: "How goes the cable TV game, sir?"
FBI: "You know. Hooking up people so they can watch AMC programming. Just another day in the life of a..."
Kalinda: "I have a wire at my house that is sparking so bad! It will kill everybody! That's why I called you!"
FBI : "Lady, you didn't call us. We're not even a real..."
Lana, from in the van: "--Kalinda! Stop busting that dude's balls!"

Awesome. That was awesome. Both Kalinda and Lana, on separate sides of the van door, nearly giggle about how awesome that was.

Kalinda: "Oh my God, are you still obsessed with Lemond Bishop? Like bugging the IRS and blackmailing me into dating you, or nearly getting me shot, or..."
Lana: "Meanwhile you work for drug dealers and pimps, so..."
FBI: "Ladies, ladies."
Kalinda, speed-dial: "Hi, Mom! Just calling to tell you it's not the cops, it's the Feds. And it's not about an arrest, it's about a search warrant. Thanks for checking in, your interest in my job makes me feel loved."
Lana: "Oh, God dammit. Okay, I guess we're go for this mission now."
Kalinda: "Hey Mom? Tell Grandpa to destroy any evidence they might find, okay? Love you."


Lemond: "Okay, what she's talking about is this one video game I keep in my son's room. Dex, go get it. Alicia, could you take my kid out back while they bust the door down?"

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