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Go Home, You're Not An Improvement

Chez Mars. Veronica gets a couple sodas (one of them "Skist") out of the refrigerator. She looks tense, and we soon see why, as the camera reveals that Keith and Alicia are sitting on the couch watching an old movie. Veronica reenters her room and gives a grossed-out Wallace the update that Keith has his arm around Alicia. Wallace asks if there's any gropage, and Veronica snarks that earlier, she saw Keith cutting a hole in the bottom of his popcorn bucket. That's a Diner reference, and if you haven't seen it, you should. But let's just say the popcorn in question isn't for vegetarians, and leave it at that. ["I don't know how they knew I'd be editing this recap and not Wing Chun, but Diner is my very favorite movie in the world, so: shout-out!" -- You know what Sars's problem is? She doesn't chew her food] Veronica tells Wallace that the relationship can't last long, as her mom will be coming home soon. Oh, Veronica. For someone with such developed observational skills, that is one big blind spot you're sporting. Wallace takes umbrage at the idea that his mom is just a "placeholder." Veronica doesn't see what the problem is, as Wallace wasn't too keen on the whole "my dad/your mom" thing either," but Wallace tells her how it is when he notes that, although he wasn't too keen on his mom dating his best friend's dad, she hasn't found a decent guy since their dad died (and that answers that question), and if she's just going to get burned, he needs to tell her. Veronica asks him to wait a few weeks. Wallace: "I gotta say, Veronica. I'm getting a little tired of doing you favors." Hey, maybe he and Weevil can start their own club! Both their names even start with "W"!

Out in the living room, Wallace tells his candlelit mom that they need to get going, as it's getting late. Alicia agrees, despite the fact that the movie isn't over. Perhaps they need to collect Wallace's brother from whatever non-speaking-rates location they dumped him in this week. Keith is wearing jeans, which I think is a first. Hey, I noticed something wardrobe-related! Do I get a cookie?

Outside, Alicia, picking up on Wallace's mood, asks if he and Veronica had a fight. He says no, and that he's just looking out for Alicia. She tells him that she's a big girl, and what's more, he needs to see how happy she is. For the first time, she feels at home in Neptune, and Keith's a good man. "Let me have this, please." Wallace looks skeptical. He's a tough sell. Alicia, you had me at "Remember my name."

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