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Keith's car has broken down. Keith suggests that they walk a few miles to town, but Cormac expresses his opinion that the desert has too many pitfalls by way of talking about his time in the Army. He says that they should wait for someone to help them. Jason Beghe is such a scenery-chewer, but I kind of love it.

Veronica's back at Fagin's house, and shows him the picture she showed Piz. The guy is pretty sure that she's the girl who sold him the guitar. Changing tacks, Veronica spies a copy of Landry's Profiling book. She asks Fagin whether he did the mentoring program, and he tells her he did and gushes about its value. Veronica then grabs a photo and asks if it was taken off the Empire State Building or the Chrysler Building. She's told that it's actually the Space Needle, and sighs, "I have to remember not to debate my dad when it comes to architecture." It would be a nice thought if there were any chance she actually meant it. Veronica asks for a glass of water, and Fagin goes off to oblige her.

Landry's class. He wraps up, and Veronica goes up to Tim and asks about the mentoring program. We cut away before Tim tells her to apply online.

Tim's office. He hands Veronica a bunch of case files of underage female criminals. Veronica asks whether she has to mentor a girl just because Veronica's female herself. Tim: "Yes." Heh. Mac pops in and tells Tim that Landry needs him back in the lecture hall. He rushes out, and Mac gives Veronica a conspiratorial smile. Heh. She heads over to the file cabinet, checks out the boys' records, and discovers that mini-Casey Affleck is in the program.

Keith is asleep in the back seat when the tow truck arrives. I get that these scenes actually turn out to be important, but Keith really broke down in Dullsville here.

Logan and Veronica are eating in some shared space. She gives him a little shit for skipping classes, and he responds by giving her a copy of the keycard for his suite. She jokingly (but perhaps a little insecurely, especially given the Kendall incident from last season) asks what'll happen if she drops by unexpectedly and he has to kick the other girls out. Logan, however, tells her simply and sincerely, "You know there's no one else. I only want you." Ooh, rewind buttons across the country really took a beating on that one. Veronica gets a schmoopy look on her face, and it's nice to see her not act emotionally dead for once this episode...

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