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...but the moment is interrupted by Dick's appearance, heralded by some crappy ADR from Veronica: "Look. It's your BFF! The town drunk." Dick sits down at a table with a random girl, "Didi," and grossly hits on her while expositing that he's already gotten kicked out of on-campus housing. Looks like Big Dick's going to be getting a call to the effect of "Vat is that son of yawz doing?" (Sorry, I tried to convey an Austrian accent, but on the page it comes out looking like an Austrian-New Jersey mix. And before I get stuck on that idea too long, let's move on.) Didi warns Dick that perhaps he'd be better served to walk away, but Dick smooves that he looks good walking away: "Ass like Marky Mark and the entire Funky Bunch." Hee. Just then, though, some enormous meathead comes out of nowhere and tosses Dick out of the chair. Logan, seeing where this is going, grabs Veronica's bag. It'd be pretty cool if she carried a cinderblock around in her purse for situations such as this. Sure it'd be heavy, but don't you think it'd be worth it? Anyway, the meathead whales on Dick a couple of times until Logan zaps him with Veronica's stun gun. Fine with me -- maybe Dick deserved one punch, but the guy was pretty clearly not about to stop. Dick ungratefully snarls at Logan, "What do you want, a hug or something?" He leaves. Piz appears behind Veronica and asks if that sort of thing works with college girls, since he's a lover, not a fighter. Well, he almost lost my love, as he's wearing an argyle shirt, but then I realized that the shirt is Duncan's, which makes it hilarious. It does look better on him than on Duncan or Logan, so that's a positive, too. Logan tells Veronica that he's going to talk to Dick, gives Piz an appraising glance, kisses Veronica, and then snarks, "Nice shirt." Hee. When Logan's gone, Piz exposits that Veronica asked him to meet her there. He's clearly (to us, but not to Veronica, which is nice work) bummed that she has a boyfriend. Veronica produces the photo that she snagged from Fagin's room in which he's got his arm around a heavy platinum blonde. Veronica asks Piz if she's the Welcome Wagon girl, and upon hearing an affirmative, she breathes a sigh of relief into the last commercial break.

So my understanding of how Veronica solved this case is this: the big clue was the graffiti on Piz's car advertising The Unwashed. Since Piz was away from the car for so short a time, it was extremely likely that the thieves were the ones who wrote it. Dumb, yes, but you saw whom we were dealing with. Veronica figured that the thieves would be at the show, so she tempted them with a reward for information, figuring they'd be too greedy not to reveal themselves. The mentoring thing was an overly lucky coincidence, to be sure, but it all hangs together fairly well, especially since I think Veronica had her suspicions about Fagin before she even found out about his involvement in the program. The only thing I think is weak is that Fagin was willing to take so little money for Piz's guitar. I mean, why not advertise it in L.A. and sell it for something close to its true worth? And advertising such a rare item in the area it was stolen? Even someone who hadn't basked in the glow of Professor Landry's wisdom would probably be able to figure out that that's not such a hot idea.

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