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Hey, what's with the six-act structure here? New credits are one thing, but this is crazy.

Veronica is explaining to Sacks what she found out. The only new information we get is explicit confirmation that Fagin mentored the three kids.

Outside the back of Fagin's house, Piz asks Veronica why the kids would have talked to them. She says it was to throw Veronica on the wrong track, which is an asinine idea not worthy of her (drawing attention to themselves to throw them on the wrong track when Veronica and Piz weren't even on a track? Come on), so I'm going to stick with my thought that the kids wanted to make some more money. She adds that they repeated their story to Fagin so that they would match (hence Fagin's comment about the "smokin' bod"). I trust that Fagin, in relaying the kids' account to his girlfriend, left out the part where they said she was wearing a fat suit. Although we haven't seen her around, now, have we? Piz asks why Veronica solves crimes, and she jokes that it's for the "cold hard cash." Well, yeah. Piz presses on, though, saying that Wallace told him about Lilly. Veronica gets prickly, saying that maybe she does it because she's good at it: "Wallace should stick to analyzing himself." Sure, but what's he going to do once those two minutes are up? I liked this little exchange, though. It's refreshing to see a character sincerely interested in someone else.

Just then, Sacks emerges from the house with Fagin and another deputy in tow. Fagin is nervously babbling, but then he sees Veronica and Piz, who sunnily wave to him. Did I mention that they're sitting in lawn chairs? Because it kind of adds to the awesomeness. Veronica remarks, to Piz, that this is why she does it, and I'm willing to give her partial credit for that answer. Anyway, the garage is full up with stolen merchandise, so it looks like Fagin will have a chance to put that profiling knowledge to use first-hand. Veronica toasts Piz: "Boom goes the dynamite." Heeee hee hee. For those of you unaware, that reference is pulled from a college sports newscast gone horribly wrong that you can see here. Thanks very much to Joe R for the link, who wrote, "I've never cringed so much in my entire life, and that's not an exaggeration." I've never laughed so much in my entire life, which just goes to show the difference in the length of time we've been at this job. Or that I'm a horrible person. Not mutually exclusive, there. Heeee, though. "Boom goes the dynamite." Ha ha. Hee. Piz enjoys the moment, but then awkwardly looks down and asks if "that guy from last night" is Veronica's boyfriend. Veronica gets an "Oh, shit" look on her face.

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