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Keith and Cormac finally get to their destination, and Kendall comes jiggling out and jumps into Cormac's arms. I'm thinking that was a one-take deal, because her rack plowing into him at that speed is no joke for either side.

Veronica finds Mac sitting outside her room, who bitterly tells her that Parker's in there with some guy, and that their tickets are inside, stuck to the mirror, "above her suggestion box and tip jar!" Geez. Someone needs to get laid, and we know it's not Parker or Veronica. Veronica: "Well, frack." Heh. Another badly-dubbed line ensues, as Veronica tells Mac to give her Mac's keys. She enters, and hears Hearst College Radio playing. As many posters pointed out, it's chilling to watch this when you know what's really going on in the other room. Brrrr. Veronica grabs the tickets, and I can only imagine that, later on, she's going to wish she were more of a voyeur.

Keith is eating cake with Kendall and Cormac when he realizes that he left Cormac's travel documents in the car. On the way, he looks like he realizes that he left something in the house, but decides that it can wait. He opens his briefcase and grabs the documents, but is horrified to see that there's also a pen inscribed with "Vincent Van Lowe Investigations." Of course, it's ludicrous that it would be so inscribed -- you'd want to put the listening device in as nondescript a pen as possible, so if the spyee came across it, there would be a chance that he wouldn't get rid of it. This is one of those situations where it's hard to trust the audience, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if the network were involved. Keith breathes, "Vinnie, please tell me you're not working for Liam." He opens the glove compartment to discover that his gun is missing. He runs into the house to see Cormac fire two shots into a room offscreen, and then Cormac turns the gun on him and fires another shot that Keith barely manages to avoid. He runs, trips over a rock, and hides as Cormac emerges from the house and tells him that he'll pick up his carcass in the morning. I don't know -- if I were Cormac, I'd certainly want to see the job finished now, despite his whole "the desert is so dangerous, blah blah" speech from earlier. Maybe he's concerned that Keith has another weapon, but given that he didn't have one drawn when he entered the house, that seems terribly unlikely. I take it, too, that Keith left his car keys in the house, so he's stranded. Cormac retreats into the house as Keith wonders what the hell to do now.

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