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I should add that a lot of posters are thinking that Kendall's still alive. Not likely. The idea that they would stage this solely for Keith's benefit (when they didn't know he'd even be an audience for them) doesn't really make sense. Of course, it doesn't completely make sense for Liam to have been dogging Kendall the way he was if Cormac planned to kill her, but I'll let that slide. I think that the death wasn't shown simply in order to tone down the violence -- network stuff again, but it's the world we live in. Anyway, we'll probably find out soon enough. I liked this subplot, though -- it's one of the strengths of the show that sloppy detective work usually gets punished, and Keith was horribly complacent from start to finish here. I mean, you've put five Fitzpatricks in jail, one of them tried to kill you, and you trust this guy? Enough to fall asleep in his presence and not keep a tight grip on your gun? But it's a nice noir-ish touch that the world is darker than Keith hoped it was. Money and murder over love -- good stuff. Of course, that doesn't necessarily make it a great fit with Gilmore Girls, but maybe Rory will turn into a serial killer this season. It could happen!

Neptune Grand. Logan's bushing his teeth on the balcony (okay, it's a nice view, but...) when there's a knock at the door. He tosses the toothbrush aside and opens the door to find Dick. Dick's hair looks like he's been hanging out with the drunken stylist from A Flock Of Seagulls, so I think we're meant to infer that he's hit rock bottom here. He tells Logan that he has nowhere else to go, and Logan, having had some experience with rock bottom himself, looks hit hard as he tells Dick he can stay with him. Dick breaks down, and Logan puts a hand on his neck as Dick tells him, "I messed up bad." Is he referring to how he treated Beaver generally? Ambiguous. Logan hugs a sobbing Dick. They're going to have to work hard to make me care about Dick's emotional problems, but Ryan Hansen's done some real solid work on this show, so I'm keeping an open mind.

Mac and Veronica return to Mac's dorm as we see that Veronica's amusingly tipsy on Irish coffee. The banter's fun, and I like to see these two like this, but we've got balder fish to fry here. Rather than drive home (so Veronica's not living on campus, which makes sense), she crashes on Mac's couch.

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