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Sometime later, Tim is making the rounds of the classroom when he notices that Veronica is reading a magazine. He goes up to her and informs her that Dr. Landry expects everyone to participate, and wonders if she ended up in the wrong class. He obnoxiously suggests that Veronica take something called "elementary education," implying that the short bus and no other stops there (no emails, please, I'm just paraphrasing), and Veronica gives him a little fake smile before telling him that she knows the culprit's identity. Tim takes a moment to process that...

...and then calls to Dr. Landry that "this girl" says she's got it, but that she hasn't moved from her seat. Landry takes that at face value, asking first for Veronica's name, and then: "Who are you going to send to prison for the rest of his natural-born days?" If I have a handle on the new season structure, we should find out in eight more episodes. Veronica answers, "The blind, yet not really blind, fiddle player, Rutherford Stiles." No, Veronica, you can't do that! Who's going to work everyone's last nerve with scraping strains of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" now? Anyway, Tim looks dejected, and Landry, after giving him an amused glance, announces to the class that the exercise is over. He asks Veronica how she figured it out. She tells everyone that the game is a murder mystery that came out in the late '80s, and that she went on to a site devoted to the game and ignored all the spoiler alerts: "Which I know is kind of douchebaggy." Tim's feathers are ruffled that Veronica used the internet, but Landry is impressed with her pluck and cheek. I'm not. I mean, sure, Tim's an ass in that certain way that only college TAs can be, but that's hardly the only point in play here. Presumably, Landry had the class play this game because he thought that it would be instructional or positive in some way, so for Veronica to be all, "Y'all are dumb; I'm going to do it the easy way" is presumptuous and just rude, in my opinion. I mean, suck it up, play the game, and keep the eye-rolling inside, you know? I'm similarly unimpressed with Landry's fawning here -- it feels clichéd, like "Of COURSE he's going to see how wonderful Veronica is within five minutes of meeting her!" (Okay, six, if you want to get technical.) Tim sniffs that there are two possible killers in the game, but Veronica tells him that the alternate choice is a woman, so Landry's use of the masculine possessive in reference to the killer gave it away. A little flimsy, perhaps, especially since it's based on the assumption that Landry wouldn't be clever enough to disguise his intentions by saying "his" when he meant "her." But then again, who would expect a Criminology professor to employ such a complex ruse? On top of that, this shows that, at the point she told Tim she knew who did it, Veronica was, in fact, only working a fifty-fifty shot, so her smugness seems even more misplaced and bizarre. Veronica winds up by asking Tim, "What did you do for the extra ten minutes?" Well, it's not like Tim didn't deserve it, but Veronica, showing off how clever you are by publicly humiliating the guy who's going to be grading your work for the semester seems like a bit of a Pyrrhic victory. I'm sure you're familiar with the term, being so smart and all. Also, it seems like Veronica's implying that Tim cheated to solve the mystery in the same way she did, but that's left unconfirmed, although perhaps it would explain why Landry is so amused. Anyway, we ride Veronica's spunky smile into the opening credits...

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