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...which have been totally redone. They're a bunch of sepia-toned images that flow quickly into one another. Also, the song has been remixed into something less edgy and more ethereal. There's been violent disagreement on the boards about whether this is a good thing, an argument I'm going to stay out of other than to say that the new version of the song fits the new credits much better than the old one would have. New order: Kristen Bell, Jason Dohring, Percy Daggs III, Ryan Hansen, Julie Gonzalo (Parker), Chris Lowell (Piz), Tina Majorino, Michael Muhney (about time), Francis Capra, and Enrico Colantoni "as Keith Mars." All right, fine, I'll weigh in: I like the images, for the most part, but the new credits lack the ironic sunny energy of the old ones. Still, they're truer to the stated (if not always achieved) noir premise of the show. Verdict: Mixed. Nothing to start a war over, I'd say.

Fade up on Logan sitting on a bench when, from off-screen, a deep version of Veronica's voice intones, "You a bounty hunter, boy?" (The quote's from For A Few Dollars More.) Logan amusedly sighs that he shouldn't have pushed for the Clint Eastwood marathon. It's true -- Tony Curtis seems a lot more in character. As if to prove my point, Logan notes how butch Veronica is, and asks her to walk him to class. Veronica offers to carry his books as well, and they share a little smooch. You know, Veronica engaging in this sort of gender role-reversal seems vaguely familiar. I guess this means that we can look forward to Hannah suddenly coming back from boarding school with a little more meat on her bones. Logan tells Veronica to guess who he saw on campus. Veronica: "Some girl going wild? As I understand it, it happens all the time in college." Heh. Exposition follows to the effect that Dick is enrolled at Hearst, despite the fact that Veronica thought he was "crashing with his dad in the Caymans." Oy. I really didn't want to have to get so nitpicky five minutes into the new season, but for one, if Big Dick's whereabouts aren't a secret, I can't believe the government wouldn't be pursuing extradition, considering how quickly I was able to find this. Logan adds that Dick's mom married Schwarzenegger's business manager: "I'm sure a call from the governor can get you in most colleges in the state." I'm not so sure that even a call from the governor could get a non-high-school graduate into a good college when, as we know, Dick failed Physics. And if you're going to tell me that he attended summer school in the wake of Beaver's death before he ran off to join his dad? Don't. Also, I think the governor's influence would be diminished by the fact that the favor is on behalf of a FEDERAL FUGITIVE. Then again, he's probably used to spinning such situations. Logan then seriously tells Veronica that Dick is a wreck because of Beaver "Greg Louganis-ing" off the roof (oof, I just got a mental picture of Louganis hitting his head on the diving board that time, OUCH), but Veronica tells him that it wasn't his fault. Logan: "Nothing's ever my fault!" Logan is obviously a self-Googler. A lot of posters thought it was inappropriate of Logan to bring up Beaver without considering Veronica's feelings, given that Beaver raped her and tried to kill her dad. Since she seemed completely over it practically ten minutes after it happened, though, I can't say I really blame Logan months later.

Chez Mars. Veronica enters with the mail, and sees a package from the "Sutcliffe Hotel."

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