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Mars Investigations. Keith, at his desk, is futzing around with some weaponry when Vinnie Vanlowe enters. Yes, Vinnie is wearing the Members Only jacket, and yes, I giggle in glee upon seeing it. For someone who nitpicks so much, I can be awfully easy to please. Vinnie says that he could use Keith's help with an embezzling case, and holds out his fist: "Wonder Twin powers, activate." Hee. I just want to know who's going to get stuck putting the Gleek suit on Backup. Keith says that he's already on a case, and that he has to go out of town. Vinnie, somewhat distracted by the extensive array of guns on Keith's desk, picks up Keith's briefcase and says that he was thinking of getting one, but Keith stands and says he's busy. Vinnie: "Okay, okay. If you want to be that guy." The guy with more firepower than all the denizens of The Sopranos combined? He already is.

Chez Mars. Keith arrives home, and Veronica excitedly calls to him from her bedroom. He enters, and she tells him that a maid at their hotel found the flash card with all their vacation pictures on it. Keith exclaims, "Hot dog!" and then, at Veronica's quizzical look, explains that it's one of his fogeylicious expressions: "Joe and Frank Hardy and I used to say 'hot dog' all the time while we were waiting for the car hop to bring us our malteds at the drive-in." Hee. That kind of makes Keith the Chet, though, which makes me a little sad. Veronica gives Keith mild crap about showing up three days into the vacation, and then shows him a picture of them in front of what she misidentifies as the Empire State Building. Keith tells her that it's actually the Chrysler Building, but Veronica won't admit her mistake. I can forgive her not being familiar with what the doorways look like, but given that the building number is clearly visible, she could just hop on a search engine and settle the point. Especially since she's so enamored of fifty-fifty shots. Instead, Veronica snarks that Keith is getting senile, to which he amusingly is all, "What? Who?" Heh. Keith asks her if she made any friends on her first day of school. Veronica: "Lord, no." She then concedes that perhaps she made an enemy, and Keith is all, "It is a day that ends in a 'y'." Keith has gotten up to Season 4 of Buffy, I see. Keith tells Veronica that he's going to be gone chasing a bail-jumper, so Veronica says she'll hold down the fort. Keith informs her that he's put Backup in charge: "And he's been instructed to maul your boyfriend if he's here past midnight." Heh, but...good luck with that plan, Keith. You could dip Logan in bacon fat and all he'd get is a good tongue bath, not that he's not used to that. Veronica: 'Backup's in charge? What about the bitch he's been seeing?" Hee. Backup barks, all, "Please do not make bad puns about my sex life, which has been rather meager of late." Or, if you prefer, "ARF!"

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