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Wallace is shooting a Nerf ball at a mini-backboard-and-hoop he has set up in his dorm room when his ostensible roommate enters with a box of stuff. Some people wondered why Wallace, not the richest kid we know, would be on-campus instead of living at home, but I assumed that it was just part of his scholarship deal. Wallace addresses him as "Stosh," but the kid asks him to call him "Piz" instead. I hope the origin of the name has nothing to do with sleepaway camp and warm water. (Actually, his full name is Stosh Piznarski, named after Mark Piznarski, who directed the first two episodes of the show.) Piz -- who's cute enough, and also looks like he could actually be in college -- knows Wallace's name, but says that there must be a mistake: he specifically requested a roommate who wasn't " know." Wallace looks all, "You better not be saying what I think you're saying," and given that the way the scene is edited makes it look Piz started talking back when Keith's lingo actually was current, I can understand why his temperature would be starting to rise. However, Piz's "joke" is that he didn't want a roommate who's better-looking than he is. A little clunky there, but genuine enough, it seemed to me. Wallace, pleased with the compliment, indicates the side of the room he took, and says he hopes it's cool. Piz: "No sweat. I rarely wear clothes indoors. I hope that's cool." Wallace holds the smile for a moment, and then gets serious as he says that's not cool at all. I hold the smile for a moment, and then tell Wallace to speak for himself. Piz and Wallace are hitting it off well, though, and Wallace asks if Piz has any more stuff...

...and then they're outside walking up to a small, and dirty, green car. (Check out Chris Lowell's calves when you get a second. Also, I should mention that he was on Life As We Know It, if that means anything to anyone.) Piz opens the hatchback to discover that all of his stuff, there five minutes earlier, is now gone. Piz frets, but Wallace says that he knows someone: "She'll get your stuff back." Ooh, wouldn't it be cool if Piz's stuff were stolen by a blind-but-not-really-blind fiddle player? Now that would be some foreshadowing. Commercials.

The Aerie Girls just make me want to offer another sacrifice up to the god of DVR.

Piz is unenthusiastically recounting the fact that Veronica is their age and a detective: "Is she also a cartoon?" Be patient, Piz. You can't hammer out these adaptation deals overnight. By the way, on the back of the door, there's a motivational poster from the basketball coach that reads, "Be strong in body, clean in mind, lofty in ideals." Strong calves or no, I think it's safe to say that Piz is not going to try to walk on. Wallace tells Piz a little about Veronica's familial history, but Piz says he thinks he'll just let the local law handle things. Until, that is, there's a knock on the door, which Piz opens to find Veronica. Piz, doing well to keep his tongue in his mouth, confirms her identity, and then amusingly does a bit of business where he tries to put his hand on the door frame and lean on it, but can't find a comfortable place to settle it. It's a lot funnier than it sounds. Veronica enters and asks where the "posters with beer and half-naked ladies" are. Heh. Wallace can't resist busting Piz's balls by telling Veronica that he's going to let the sheriff handle things, despite Piz's attempt to get him to abort with the throat-slashing "CUT!" motion. Heh. These two are really believable as roommates already. Love it. When Veronica turns back to Piz, he tells her that, in fact, he'd love her help. She informs him that she'll be charging him $500, payable only if she retrieves his stuff. That's...a pretty good deal on the surface, but still pretty steep for the average college student. Perhaps Piz and Veronica will be slinging hash at the same dorm cafeteria. Veronica mentions that she's giving him the "friend of a friend rate," but Wallace faux-seriously pipes up that he hasn't even decided if Piz is cool yet. Heh.

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