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Keith and Cormac are driving along a dark, deserted road as Cormac compliments Keith on the job he did for Kendall: "That's a tough lady to make disappear. Tends to stand out." Insert your own joke about Charisma Carpenter's rack here. Also, as noted in the forums, it's annoying that Cormac refers to her by her fake name, but whatever, I guess. Exposition ensue, telling us that the reason Kendall had to disappear is that Liam is hot on her tail. Cormac says that he's going to spend the rest of his life on the beach with the woman he loves. Cool -- when do we get to meet her?

Veronica and a shirtless Logan lie in his bed at the Neptune Grand, and kudos to the P.A. who spritzed them up but good to make them look this sweaty. Whoever you are, if you want to make a little extra cash, we can put you to work in the forums. After some banter about Logan's prowess, Veronica promises that, after she gets some water, "[he's] gonna get [his] brains spooned out whether [he likes] it or not." I wonder if she means she's going to spoon him. It would be pretty awkward with their height differential, but I have the feeling Logan would be into the position enough that he'd be willing to make it work. As she sips the water, Veronica looks in the mirror, and VMVO points out that she's the one who laughed at the kids who tried to take their high-school romances to college. If she's having doubts at this moment, I'm thinking some of that sweat was faked. The phone rings, and Logan turns on the light and answers it. As we see that the time is 12:15, Veronica frantically runs and tries to stop him -- she forwarded the calls from her house -- but it's too late. Veronica tells Keith that Logan is just about to leave. Considering what he did right before the scene started, I wish he'd make up his mind.

In the car, Cormac shakes his head in amusement as Keith sighs into the phone, "Give Logan my regards as you're shaking his hand goodnight, and I'll be sure to call unexpectedly again." Oh, Keith. You're so cute. Cormac good-naturedly says, "They do grow up quickly," which could be taken to mean that he's Molly's father. We then learn that when Keith got Kendall out of town, she was carrying millions, so that means the briefcase simply contained the money Kendall got from her interest in Beaver's company. Given that we already knew she had that money, this seems like a pretty weak resolution for a season-ending cliffhanger. And also, if Keith was three days late to New York because he was making Kendall disappear, how is it that Liam got wind of her "good fortune" so quickly? That's the reason Kendall had to go into hiding, right? Cormac asks Keith what he spent his fee on. Keith: "Bought back my daughter's love."

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