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Veronica and Piz get out of her new ride, a silver SUV of some sort. Don't email me the brand unless you're going to PayPal a product-placement fee along with it. Veronica explains that the car was Keith's attempt to atone for being late for the New York trip, and then Piz ruins my attempt to keep things generic by adorably goofily noting, "A Saturn for a Mars." Veronica adds, "In Neptune! The planets really aligned for this one. Now, move Uranus! The mercury is rising." Hee.

Sheriff's station. Sacks is telling Piz that four other people reported being ripped off by the Welcome Wagon, and all in the span of ninety minutes. Veronica surmises that they had a truck or a van, and asks for a list of the other victims. Sacks stagily looks over at Lamb's closed office door and apprehensively says that he's not sure he should tell her. By the way, Sacks is sporting a new fake mustache. Contract extensions can be full of the weirdest details. Veronica tells him that she'll find the bad guys and give him the names for the bust. "You know what that makes everyone, Sacks? A winner." Sacks looks at her, all, "I'll be interested to see exactly how I'm going to end up fired for this."

Veronica pedeconferences with one of the victims, who certainly replaced his bike awfully quickly, and confirms that a chubby blonde was the person who duped him.

Cut to Veronica walking out of the bathroom with some girl who's just taken a shower. She bitches that she was keeping a "podcast spoken-word thing" on her iPod, and now some thief has it: "What if they're listening to it?" Well, if they were smart enough to pull off this scheme, there's probably not much danger of that. Veronica then notes that the girl is a junior, while all the other victims are freshmen, and asks if she really didn't know that there's no such thing as the Hearst Welcome Wagon. The girl bitchily slams her message board-ed door in Veronica's face. Ooh, not supposed to have those on the door -- the fire inspectors are going to hate her. Not that they won't be in good company.

Outside, Veronica walks by a bulletin board, and then backs up, having seen something out of the corner of her eye -- an ad for The Unwashed, which, it turns out, is a punk band.

Cut to Veronica walking up to Mac's door. On it is a busy pink message board with Parker's name on it, and then a piece of masking tape with "Mac" written on it. Heh. Parker, a perky blonde, opens the door and gregariously lets Veronica in. She introduces herself, and then enthuses about how great Mac is, keeping up the chatter about their "instant sisterhood" as she turns her back to Veronica and changes her top. A little familiar, perhaps, but it is college. Veronica's weirded-out look seems a little misplaced, although it could be directed at the fact that Parker's not wearing a bra. Once she's decent again, Parker invites Veronica to come watch America's Next Top Model with her and Mac that evening. Veronica gets a little uppity about ANTM, which no, and then spies a Colin Farrell poster on the wall and asks, "Yours or Mac's?" Veronica looks slightly put out as Parker babbles about how soulful Farrell is. I'll admit that's not the word I would have chosen to describe him. Still, it's nice to see a college freshman actually acting like a college freshman. Mac enters at the moment and greets Parker with a "Hey" that has all the energy of Chris Farley at the end of a long weekend. Veronica invites her to see a band, and Mac quickly accepts. Parker is also in on the non-invitation, and turns to her closet to change her top again. It would have been somewhat rude for Veronica and Mac not to invite her, but jumping in like this isn't straight out of Miss Manners either. Commercial.

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