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Gone Fishin'

Carla explains that fish is tricky to clean because, depending on the fish, you may have to remove bones or tendons or whatever. For the bluefish that she's cooking, there is something called a bloodline, which is bitter and fishy, so she has removed it. This will be important later.

Blais, Fabio, and Marcel have a lot to cook, so they are rushing around. Marcel explains that they wisely chose to put Fabio out front during service, since he's a kiss-ass. But somehow that also means that Fabio is only doing prep work, and basically acting like a sous chef. He's chopping vegetables while Marcel and Blais do all the cooking. In Fabio's mind, it's because not everyone can be the rock star, and someone has to do the prep. He's right, but I don't know if one person needs to do all the prep. It could be a good way to avoid responsibility if the dish fails, but it could also be a good way to get sent home because the judges think you didn't contribute. Blais explains that Marcel is the one that wanted to do one dish, and it's very complex, so now he's kind of wishing they had done two. But it's too late to change up, I guess.

With an hour left to service, the cheftestants are stirring, tasting, and seasoning their food. Tiffany interviews that she's worried about the double elimination (like everyone) and she feels even more pressure than usual because she works in a seafood restaurant, so her reputation is on the line.

Colicchio shows up to see what's doing. He meets up with Blais, Marcel, and Fabio first, and is surprised to hear that they're only doing one dish. He asks what they're going to do if their one dish fails, since they have nothing to fall back on. Fabio is confident the dish won't fail. Blais interviews that if Tom asks you about something, he's "loading ammunition," that is, you know what the judges will be looking for and why your dish will sink or swim. So now Blais is even more freaked out.

Next, Tom talks to Tiffany, Angelo, and Mike. They are doing two dishes, and they all chit chat about how great it is to fish, then go to the market, and then just cook what you found. Although the fish isn't as fresh since it's not at least a day old. I kind of forgot about that.

Moving over to Dale, Carla, and Tre's station, Tom takes a moment to congratulate Dale on the "catch of a lifetime." Seriously. Dale explains his dish, which involves flour tortillas. Tom asks if the tortillas are made from scratch, and Dale says they're not. Damn, Tom. That's kind of asking a lot, isn't it? I mean, mixing and baking tortillas while also cooking the fish and everything else? Let's not get crazy. Sure, it would taste better, but that's asking a lot. Also, it's obvious that the cheftestants were allowed to shop someplace other than the farmers' market since I doubt they sell tortillas there. Or many of the other ingredients referenced. Dale admits that Tom's questions have caused him to second guess himself.

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