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What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

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What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

We then get a shot of Toby watching a monitor in another area of the building; Sam calls to him from a short distance away. When Toby turns around, Sam makes the following gesture: he slides his hand along in a smooth, up-up-and-away motion. Toby looks massively relieved, and looks down over a stairway where he can see Josh. He calls out to Josh and makes the same gesture. Josh then sees Leo and gives him the same signal. Leo, confused, asks, "What's that?" Josh says, "It's the signal." Leo says that he thought it was the signal for "the other thing." Josh explains, "It's the signal for this thing now." Leo asks, "We're totally out of the woods now?" Josh says eagerly, "Go tell the President!"

Another bank of monitors, and we can see Carol hustling around. C.J. has an armful of papers and is walking behind a row of journalists. As she comes to Danny, she cuffs him sharply on the right hand side of his head, and says, "Follow me." Danny looks irritated and says, "What?" He follows her as she stops by a pillar in the next room, and whispers that she has a tip for him. He's a little surprised but not much. She continues, "I have a tip, and I'm going to give it to you before the others." Danny looks around and asks if they're being watched. C.J. looks around and says, "No." Danny asks, "Then why are we talking like this?" C.J. ignores that and goes on, "I have news." Danny: "What's the news?" C.J.: "I want you to acknowledge that I'm doing something nice for you." Danny: "What's the news?" C.J.: "A peace pipe of sorts, an offering, which in one sense..." Danny's lost patience. "What's the damn news?" C.J. finally tells him, "Call your science editor. It's about the space shuttle Columbia." She takes off quickly, leaving Danny standing there, probably wondering if this is some kind of trick to further punish him.

We then see Leo walking along behind the audience, trying to get Jed's eye. Jed's saying something about how fifty-three percent of eighteen-to-twenty-five-year-olds believe the soap opera General Hospital will outlast Medicare. When Jed looks his way, Leo gives him the big secret signal. Jed pauses as he takes it in and then says something about the younger generation thinking the older generation has ransomed its future. Leo zooms off. Jed goes on to drag Zoey into his talk, by mentioning that she's always mad at him for such things. We see Zoey up in one of the balcony seats, looking adorably uncomfortable as Jed continues teasing her, "This is the part where Zoey tries to crawl under her seat to hide. Don't worry about it, sweetie, I'm going to bring out the baby pictures any second now." The audience laughs.

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