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What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

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What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

Outside, there's a throng of people waving flags and signs from behind waist-high metal barricades. Secret Service agents and security people are racing around. Ron, the head Secret Service guy, tells Gina, "Straight to the car." Gina asks, "He's not working the rope line?" Ron tells her that there's a softball game the President wants to watch. Gina's surprised to hear that not only are softball games broadcast, but the President likes to watch them. Ron explains that POTUS likes to unwind watching sports on TV; whatever's on. Ron leaves and Gina surveys the crowd. The crowd is cheering and chanting and hooting. It seems to be entirely a pro-Bartlet mob.

Inside again, Jed is still talking (and probably will be for another four hours unless someone intervenes; good old POTUS). Josh is now watching from the back of the auditorium, when Charlie walks up to him and asks, "Did you hear that?" Josh: "Yeah." Charlie: "He used it." Josh: "Yeah." Charlie: "He used the material I told him about." Josh: "Yeah." Charlie tells Josh, "You were right." Josh doesn't know what he means. Charlie replies, "It doesn't go away," a reference to a scene in episode three, A Proportional Response, on the day Charlie was hired. After POTUS personally invited Charlie to join the staff as his body man, Charlie told Josh, "I've never felt this way before." Josh told him, "It doesn't go away." I liked this little scene a lot. It's hard to reconcile the shy, insecure young man Charlie was when he came to the White House with the confident, wisecracking guy who's dating the President's daughter. Josh claps Charlie on the shoulder. Between them, we can see Jed down on stage ending his talk, saying, "Thank you, everyone. God bless you, and God bless America." Everyone prepares to leave.

Outside, Gina's talking on her walkie-talkie to Mike, confirming that Jed's not working the rope line but going straight to the car. She says, "I've got Bookbag." Bookbag is Zoey, of course. Gina runs up to meet the group and walks with Zoey. Zoey's prattling on about her father embarrassing her. We can hear a helicopter roaring overhead. Zoey points out that now her father's working the rope line, and that he's unable to walk past a crowd of people. As she and Gina round the limo, Zoey calls out to Charlie. Zoey and Charlie are chatting by the front of the car, while Gina is distracted by her sense that she saw something, even muttering to herself under her breath about it. She whirls around, trying to figure out what's not right. Zoey drags Charlie back to where Gina is; she's prattling on about Charlie having made a full apology to her. Gina can't pay attention to Zoey, because her Spidey-sense is going wild. Gina says again, "I saw something!" Her gaze fastens on a young man in the crowd wearing a grey baseball hat. She sees him look up slightly and turns to see what he's looking at. The music becomes more dramatic and menacing as Gina's eyes light up with alarm and she opens her mouth to cry out. Then bam! Credits. The familiar theme music leaves us gasping as we realize we are just going to have to wait to find out what happened. That's a hell of an opening.

After the commercials, the title card indicates that it's twelve hours earlier. Military guys are buzzing around the Situation Room. Admiral Fitzwallace is on the phone as Leo comes in and asks what's going on. When Fitzwallace gets off the phone, he tells Leo, "Al-Jabbar Air Base in Kuwait says a Nighthawk didn't come back." Leo asks, "Didn't come back from where?" Fitzwallace says, "Three-hour patrol of the no-fly with the five-and-dime." Leo says, "Iraq. We've got an F-117 down in Iraq?" Fitzwallace adds, "Along with a pilot." The Admiral indicates that none of this is confirmed, and he needs ten more minutes. Leo says, "Ten more minutes and then I'm bringing in the President." As the credits roll by, we can see that everybody and their dog is in the episode, except for perhaps Joey Lucas and Al Kiefer.

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