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What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

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What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

In the secretarial area outside his office, Toby is pacing around bouncing material off of Bonnie and Ginger. He's rambling about some questions that may be asked of the administration regarding the apparent double standard in its treatment of China and Cuba. Sam comes up behind Toby and Toby says to him, "We need an answer on Cuba. We need an answer on Cuba and we need an answer on farm loans." Sam claims college students aren't going to ask a question about Cuba. They're not? Toby says there'll be faculty there. Sam says, "You know, not only did I not know that you had a brother on the space shuttle right now, I didn't even know you had a brother." Add that to the long list of things you don't know, Sam, my friend, such as not giving gifts to sex trade workers on a public sidewalk. Toby's completely uninterested in Sam's amazement about it all. Sam tries to find out what Toby knows about the space shuttle's intended landing but Toby doesn't seem to be apprised of the situation and is getting impatient with Sam. Sam offers to find out if there's something going on with the shuttle. As Toby leaves he tells Sam to write him an answer on Cuba.

As Josh pours himself some coffee, Donna informs Josh that his meeting with VPOTUS involves them going jogging, much to Josh's annoyance. Apparently the Vice-President's two o'clock jogging slot was the only place he could fit Josh in. Josh sighs and says, "Okay, order me some boiled chicken and some pasta. Nothing like a meeting you have to carb-up for." As he goes in to his office, Donna reminds him he was supposed to be at the town hall prep meeting ten minutes ago. He says he's on his way. He notices something amiss in his office, however, and comes back out to ask Donna what happened to his chair. Donna "plays" dumb for some reason I don't quite understand (I mean, come on, it's not like he's not going to notice the chair is gone, and since you're the one who took it, why act like you don't know where it is?) [Maybe she isn't "playing" dumb at all. -- Strega]; there's some Josh-and-Donna blather about the chair until it comes out that she's sent it to "the shop" for repairs. The "shop" turns out to be her friend Curtis, whom she's trying to throw some work. Josh wants to know just how much Curtis is charging the federal government to fix his wobbly wheel. Donna and Josh enter the press briefing room where Mandy is firing a sample question at Jed. Her question is about the (in my opinion) stupefying number of Americans who have no health insurance, and whether they can expect real action in the future, or whether his administration will continue to "nibble around the edges." Jed responds, "I wouldn't say my administration's 'nibbled around the edges.'" Josh instructs him, "Don't repeat the phrase, sir. That'll be the sound bite. If we don't have a solution, the very least we can do is acknowledge there's a problem." Jed composes a much more politically viable response. Just then Leo enters and tries to get Jed's attention. Jed tells him to hang on and asks Josh, "Now can I blame Congress?" Josh smiles and says, "Knock yourself out." Leo then tells Jed he's needed in the Situation Room.

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