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More Than A Woman

And now Will and Kalinda both know what that's like, too, and the sick thing is that none of it is really true. Alicia feels every single crack. She tried to show Will that, but he's so much more burdened by having like one single feeling that I can't see him really taking hers into account. Kind of like Kalinda, in that way: She couldn't cry enough, breaking up with him, to justify the fact that her only agenda was surviving, because he was not surviving. So of the two of them, the fact that he's in misery means she's a cold one indeed. It's irrational and stupid, but it's how boys think, and it's another second voicemail proposition, because there's no way the facts assemble any other way, so even if he's wrong he's still right.

In order to make people like Diane respect her, she's had to streamline her entire personality to the point where half the time we only know what's going on with her based on her amazingly expressive face and the occasional Owen Chat. It's a skill: I like you/I don't like you. You measure up/You're a bad person. You get to be my friend/You don't get to be my friend. We've seen her use it on Eli plenty of times, and it's what keeps her in the Friend Zone with Colin Sweeney, so to speak. It's why the camera loves her, this Good Wife, of all the hard-done ladies out there. There is definite power in that. Everybody does it to some extent.

But I think to be in love with Alicia... No, scratch that: To love Alicia is a very uncertain thing, much of the time.


Judge: "So, third time's the charm, Lockhart? I'm getting bored."

Diane reads to him from the Illinois Code of Judicial Conduct, about how judges can't be in individual contact with a juror outside the trial -- and of course, he doesn't even remember accepting Button Lady's friend request, because he's running for reelection and he gets them all the time from supporters.

Cary: "This is..."
Judge: "I know, I know."
Diane: "What this is, is a serious ethical breach."
Judge: "I used to like this job. You have taken that away from me, Ms. Lockhart. Mistrial. And fuck all of you."
Diane: "That's the kind of thing that keeps you on the partnership track."


Wendy finally approaches Will: He's all alone, playing one-person basketball, because she took away all of his playmates. Which has pissed him off.

Will: "I don't sweat easily. Especially with baseless allegations."
Wendy: "Let's talk. That's all I want. I'm not after you."
Will: "You don't know who you're after. Mission creep."
Wendy: "Oh, get this shit right here. I'm going after Peter Florrick."

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