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More Than A Woman

Wendy: "Judge Guy, have you been bribed recently?"
Judge: "No, but you're being weird."
Wendy: "Bribes aren't always cash. Sometimes they're forgiveness of basketball gambling ring debts, for example, or..."
Judge, awesomely: "Hey, I happen to have right here the article I published once in the Harvard Law Review about judicial misconduct. Maybe you should go read it. In Hell."
Wendy: "Oh sorry, did I totally offend you? My hypnotic voice and icy beauty tend to smooth that kind of thing over before anybody even realizes it."

Judge: "Funny thing is, you're attempting undue influence. It's a threat."
Wendy: "Fine, I'll level. Those basketball meetings are a nexus of..."
Judge: "I'm cool with Will. I really like Diane. You're trying to connect the dots to this ongoing case and make me look..."
Wendy: "-- Um. See what you did there? It's not an 'ongoing case' because the verdict is in. You're proving my point."
Judge: "Yeah, I can see that. Doesn't mean I'm going to wipe this terrifying smile off my face."


Dana transfers Kalinda out of the jail under pretext of illness so that Alicia can't bail her out. Alicia runs to Cary to scream at him about the transfer thing, and says that she's got a pattern on a class action where the SA has been doing this shell game with transfers to keep people from getting arraigned in a timely fashion. She is mean, mean and scary, scary, and it works.

When she picks Kalinda up -- Cary against the wall, sulking harder than ever before -- they don't even speak or look at each other until they're in Alicia's car. And Kalinda thanks her, quietly. Alicia turns off the car.

Alicia: "You found my daughter."
Kalinda: "She was... Lost."
Alicia: "You brought her home."
Kalinda: "She would've come home on her own..."
Alicia: "You told my kids not to tell me. Why."
Kalinda, nervous: "I don't want a mess..."
Alicia: "What mess."

This mess. Here. I have never done anything that didn't have an agenda attached. Even if I have no agenda, there's an agenda attached. If I brought your daughter to you: Agenda, to make you love me again. Kiss Cary: Agenda, to keep the lines open. The mystique of being Kalinda is that I can't ever do anything kind.

Kalinda: "Alicia, I haven't changed. I'm the same person. I knew I could help, so I helped."
Alicia: "Thank you."
Kalinda: "You don't have to..."

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