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But going the other way with it is dangerous on another level, because it erodes the determining power of every narrative possible. And when that happens, the way of things is to revert to the baseline. A simplistic, selfish faux-feminist narrative does the work for misogyny itself, and sexism can lean back in its chair, satisfied that once again the bitches took each other down.

This was a case where a woman killed twelve people. She did wrong. And a feminist complaint does not a misogynist make. But prosecutions tend to treat accusations like facts, as Diane says. And that's the thing Alicia forgot, and that was her mission creep, and that's why Kuhn's truth sounds so fucking harsh when she says it. She's briefing an officer of the court on the reasons behind her decision, which is a rare and beautiful thing; she's telling a fairly sheltered woman about what it's like in Wonderland.

Kuhn: "The truth is there are twelve people dead because of Sergeant Elkins' actions. She went to work incapacitated by drugs, and she killed twelve people. Six children. You didn't ask one word about them. They are dead. They burned to death. Children like yours. Children like mine. Their mothers are mourning them right now. She may be pushing buttons, but they are dead. And they did nothing wrong. This was a just verdict. It was. And she will serve time for that. The problem with the charge of scapegoating is that it doesn't acknowledge at a certain point you have to hold people accountable. That is what's happening here. That's all. I have to go now. Good night, Mrs. Florrick."

Alicia takes out her thoughts and lays them down, one by one, sorting them out on a bench outside chambers. How many of them are valid? How many are from needing to agree with her defense? How many of them are valid, but not relevant here? How much of what that woman, that mother, that judge, said was true? Wendy Scott-Carr would know. Diane knows. Hicks knew it was doomed from the start. Will only took the case because he thought the heat was off.

But Jackie made her feel like a witch in Salem; Jackie made her feel pre-judged and sentenced, before she found her way out. It was a jury of half women, a woman judge, half the witnesses were women. So is Wonderland justice just like ours, but worse -- because it's patriarchal with a little patriarchy on top -- or is it better, because when this judge Kuhn says it doesn't matter, she means it? At a certain point, you have to hold people accountable: She knows this one.

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