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A bright flag featuring a white buffalo against a red background waves cheerfully against a blue, blue sky. It's very patriotic. It also reminds me of that episode with all the white buffaloes, "Paper Clip." Which I popped into the old VCR to take a look at real quick-like this afternoon. The white buffalo symbol appears a lot in this episode, so I thought I ought to do a little research. Don't ever say I never did nothing for you. Anyway, "Paper Clip" opens with a typical ponderous Chris Carter monologue the gist of which I shall transcribe. Albert Hosteen explains that Native Americans have many stories about the power of nature and animals and the effect they have on human life:

One of these stories tells of the myth of the white buffalo woman who came down from the heavens and taught the Indians how to live virtuous lives and how to pray to the Creator," he says. "She told the people she would return one day; then she turned into a white buffalo and ascended into the clouds, never to be seen again. But on this day, when the holy people had given the FBI man [that's Mulder, remember?] a miracle, a white buffalo was born and every native American knew, whether he believed the story or not, that this was a powerful omen and that great changes were coming.

So make a note: great changes. Coming.

The camera pulls out to reveal that the flag is flying above a large, lush farm. Inside the farm, a man is painting a very small, hand-carved buffalo white, while a woman sweeps the floor. It's a very nice farmhouse. They seem like very nice people. It's like the place you imagine when your parents tell you they sent your dog away to live in the country instead of telling you that Rover's habit of chasing the garbage truck finally caught up with him. The woman (let's call her Ma Kent, just for the hell of it) is sweeping somewhat maniacally, and Pa Kent finally looks up from his handiwork to ask her, very nicely, to calm down. She stops sweeping and starts sniffling. He comes over and embraces her, reminding her that this is what they've "dreamed about" -- what they've "prayed for." She sniffles and apologizes. "I just can't stop wondering why," she asks. "Why give up a child? Give it up to strangers?" Pa Kent shrugs. "God has his reason and his ways," he says, and kisses her. ["Dude, with the platitudes? He totally is Pa Kent." -- Wing Chun]

A car pulls up in the background, and two women spill out. The Kents come out onto the porch to watch. "Mr. and Mrs. [Kent]!" one of the women calls cheerfully, taking paperwork out of her briefcase. "Hi! It was so hard to find!" she says. I think we're supposed to make a note of that. The other woman is occupied with getting something out of the back seat. "There's a page here that didn't get signed," Woman One says, handing Pa Kent some paperwork, which he quickly signs. Ma Kent shifts and looks nervous. "I keep asking myself a question," she says. "I know there's been a medical exam. But are you sure he's okay?" Pa Kent glances at her and tells Woman One that they've been wondering why someone would give up her baby, implying that maybe something is...not quite right with the kid. Woman One assures them that the baby is perfectly fine. "This was a life choice by a single mother and a terribly difficult decision for her," Woman One explains. "But I can say, it was only for the good of the child." She smiles encouragingly at the Kents as Woman Two approaches, infant in hand. She passes the sprog over to Ma Kent, who tearfully smiles down at him. "I'd like you to meet William," Woman One says. And it is he. I'm sure William will thrive on the farm. Imagine the fun he'll have telekinetically transporting livestock inside the house! Imagine the peals of laughter from the Kents when they realize that their mischievous new son can go cow tipping without ever leaving the warm comfort of his own little bed! Imagine the screaming when the aliens figure out where he's been stashed and come to get him!

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