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The guy is sitting on Scully's bed, reading a file. She slinks into the room, leaning against the doorjamb. "It's all been a good act," she says. "I don't know what you mean," he says. Scully crosses her arms. "I think you do," she says, coming inside. "You know those files were here, you just pretended not to so I would bring you here to see William." Crispy, of course, denies this. "I want the truth from you!" Scully cries, coming over to stand before him. "What truth?" Crispy asks, looking up at her. "The truth that you won't speak," Scully finally worries out past her tears. Crispy insists that he wants the same truth she does. "Don't do this to me," Scully sniffs. "Not you." He didn't come here to upset her, or be caught, Crispy insists, telling her that he knows she's got a hard life, raising the kid all alone, not knowing where Mulder is. "How do you know my life?" Scully snaps. Crispy stares at her. "I know what Mulder knows," he says. "I know they used you to create the child. I know they continue to use you to take care of it and raise it." Scully raises her brow. "What are you saying?" she asks. "You know what I'm saying," Crispy says. "Your son, your child, is part alien." Scully stares at him. "Just tell me who you are!" she says. "Come on! Just say your name! Say it!"

Moronica takes this moment to open the door. "Agent Scully?" she begins. "Could you please leave and close the door?" Scully asks, not looking away from Crispy. "This is a private conversation." Moronica says she knows that, and she's sorry. But she doesn't go anywhere. "Do you know who this man is?" Scully asks Moronica, irritated. Moronica quietly says that she does. Doggett comes in at this moment, and Crispy slides out of the room at one look from him. Doggett shuts the door. "Positive ID," Doggett gruffs. Scully shakes her head. "It's not him. He wouldn't say these things," she hisses. "The DNA's a match to Fox Mulder's," Doggett tells her. Scully stares at him, semi-anguished. "It's not him," she whispers. Outside, Crispy eavesdrops. Great acting in this scene, even from Annabeth Gish.

Scully goes to sit on her bed and think about how her boyfriend is all ugly and mysterious now, instead of all good-looking and stubborn the way he used to be. Doggett and Moronica stand there and watch her think. I was going to crack that they're idiots to leave the baby alone with Crispy, but if they think Crispy is Mulder, then of course they assume the baby is safe with him. Of course, if they truly think Crispy is Mulder, I don't really understand why Doggett or someone doesn't just go, "Dude, welcome back. You look like hell, but I'm sure the Witness Protection Program's got a good plastic surgeon. We'll have you back in GQ before you know it." But that's, like, straightforward, and this is The X-Files. Doggett quietly wonders if he can get her anything. "No, thank you. I'll just be a minute," Scully intones. She's in shock. She gets up, goes into the other room, and shuts the door. I swear to God, maybe Scully's been leaving William with construction workers when she goes to Quantico (or wherever), because this apartment has been totally remodeled every single time we see it. I'm beginning to think that her place is like the Winchester Mystery house, and half of the doors open on, like, brick walls, or staircases that don't go anywhere.

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