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2:03 AM. The elevator door opens with a ding, expelling Scully into the hallway of the Hoover building. She heads toward the LBO, stopping mid-stride to fix her pant leg, which has gotten hitched up on her boot. Hee. I do that all the time. It's a nice touch here, as it's certainly realistic that Scully wouldn't be perfectly turned out at 2 in the damn morning. I wish they'd show her all greasy and puffy, though. If I had to come into the office in the middle of the night, I certainly wouldn't take a shower and get a blowout first. I'd also probably forget to put on my pants. I'm really not good when people wake me up.

So, Scully enters the observation end of an FBI interrogation room. Moronica tells her that the Mr. Mysterioso claims that his name is Miller, but he has no ID. And he won't talk with the lights on. Scully raises a brow. "If you saw him in the light you'd understand," Moronica tells her quietly. "Something happened to his face. He's been severely burned, by fire, or maybe acid." The girls turn and watch Doggett and "Miller" sitting in silence across from each other. "And he says he knows me?" Scully asks. "And that he's afraid," Moronica tells her. "A victim of what he calls 'the alien conspiracy.'" Scully makes a face like, "Aliens! At last!"

In the interrogation room, Doggett crosses his arms and glares at Mr. Mysterioso, who does indeed look awful -- scarred and disfigured and sort of...well, crispy. Doggett gruffly wonders whether Crispy will talk to Scully. "She'll help me and protect me," Crispy rasps. Doggett mutters that Scully will help and protect him only if she's feeling considerably more charitable than Doggett is. Nevertheless, he waves Scully inside, explaining to her that Crispy is "under arrest for assaulting a federal officer." Despite the fact that Doggett's explained the penalties associated with said crime, Crispy refuses a lawyer. Scully wants to know how Crispy wrangled his way into the building. Doggett tells her that he had a key card on him. "He says it was given to him by Fox Mulder," Doggett says. Scully blinks rapidly. Doggett explains that they're in the process of confirming the Fredricksburg address Crispy gave them.

Scully twists her mouth around and goes over to have a word or two with Crispy. "What are you doing here?" she asks, shortly. She sounds nervous. Crispy is looking for answers about "what they did to [him]," he says. Scully looks at him and obviouses that he's been burned. "Are you claiming that someone burned you and that there is evidence here to incriminate them?" she asks. "According to Fox Mulder, the men who did this were part of a government conspiracy," Crispy says. Scully eyes him carefully and takes a seat. "Go on," she says. Crispy stares at her, very intently. "You know who these men are," he says. "Did Mulder tell you that, too?" Scully asks. Crispy says nothing. "When?" she asks. Crispy is hesitant to say anything, since he thinks she might use that information to try to find Mulder. "Mulder doesn't want to be found?" Scully asks, looking somewhat hurt.

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