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Doggett is waiting for her in the hall. "It's not him. It's not Mulder," Scully says. Doggett asks if she's sure. Scully insists that she is. "And so will we all be, when you bring us back his DNA test," she says. Moronica looks over Scully's shoulder at CrispyMaybeMulder, as Scully informs them all that the danger to the guy is real, and no matter who he is, they ought to find out what he wants from them. She wants Doggett to take Crispy back to FBI HQ. Can I just go dramatically off-topic here for a moment? On the forums the other day, someone speculated that Gillian Anderson was pregnant (for reasons I no longer recall), and I totally poo-pooed it, but now I'm not so sure. Her face, first of all, is much fuller than it used to be (especially in the chin) and I've noticed that both her blocking and the cut of her shirt are designed to camouflage a little tummy, should one be present. Don't get me wrong: I think she looks completely gorgeous. But I also wouldn't be surprised if we find out that she's having a baby. Hopefully not an alien one. But, anyway. Whoever Crispy is, he's putting on his plastic face and his dancing shoes and getting ready to go out!

LBO. Long pan past the "I Want to Believe" poster up to a lengthy shot of Mulder's pencils still stuck in the ceiling tiles. The Piano of Remember That Tall Hot Guy? chortles in the background. Crispy looks around the office wistfully. "You came here looking for something. What is it that you hoped to find?" Scully asks. She's looking at the back of his head so intently that I half expect her to yell "Mulder!" just to see if he turns around. "I didn't find it," Crispy says. Moronica points out that he stole the files about Samantha. "But you say there's danger to your life right now," she states, questioningly. Crispy digs through the files once again. "A conspiracy to keep the truth about aliens from the American public all but destroyed a few years ago has given rise to a new conspiracy in the government now by men who are alien themselves," he explains. Scully leans against the files and wonders what the hell that has to do with him, exactly. Apparently, what the crazy evil doctors did to him was "a failed attempt to turn [him] into one of these alien men." He was a test subject, he says, "and now [he wants] to expose their evil plans." Moronica furrows her brow. "What plans?" she asks. He looks up at her and Scully. "To do this to you. To everyone. Mulder said there were files here, cases like mine. He gave me names and case numbers, but I don't see them. They're not here." Scully nods quietly. "Someone's already removed them," she says. "Who?" Moronica asks. Scully raises her brows.

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