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Hooray for pterosaurs that are only somewhat obviously CGI or whatever the technology is used in the opening! I'm easy to please. As long as there's SOME effort to show us these prehistoric creatures, I can be patient. It makes me think that someone might get eaten (Josh, I hope. We can all agree on that, right?).

Anyway, Jim and Taylor are at the portal terminus with a patrol that's there to keep an eye on it, what with the Sixers trying to ruin everything for everybody all the time, and the eleventh pilgrimage due in a couple of days. Jim and Taylor are engaged in the portion of the show where they tell each other things they wouldn't need to tell each other were it not to bring us up to speed, characterized by sentences that begin with things like, "As you know...." Anyway, Jim is still conducting "interviews" to find the spy, and there are a couple of soldiers that he's chatting with, including Riley, who visited the infirmary because her idiot partner -- the super-eager soldier who demanded a reason when Taylor went OTG last tine -- smashed her thumb in a rover. Jim's interviewing technique is barely above, "Are you the spy? No? Damn. Well, thanks anyway." And while they're there, you think maybe they could give the portal a coat of paint? The thing is looking surprisingly rundown for something so crucial to the future of humankind. And in fact, I find it a little surprising that it doesn't already have round the clock protection.

The interviewing continues back at the base, with Skye showing up for her turn in the hot seat. Jim asks her where she was during the time when the Sixers were communicating with someone on the base, and Skye is obviously lying (and I don't mean obviously because we SAW her communicating with them -- I mean it's obvious in the way she hems and haws) but Jim doesn't notice and doesn't press her on the injury to her hands despite the fact that it would seem the infirmary clue is the one to follow. We're too busy being uncomfortable over Jim essentially telling Skye that she doesn't have to tell him if she's fucking his son.

Over at the Shannon household, Josh and Maddy are getting on each others' nerves, with Maddy having a minor meltdown because her "plex" -- which is I guess what they call those clear electronic tablet computer things -- burned out its core, and her mom says there's a colony-wide shortage of the "promethium" so she's going to have to make do for now. Josh quietly tells her the name of someone, Casey Durwin, who might be able to help her, as long as she brings something to trade, because he won't be happy until every one of his family members is in trouble with the law.

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