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Old Man, Take a Look at Your Life

Jim and Taylor arrive at Maintenance Station 9, where they find a special holster that Taylor recognizes as Skye's, since he gave her a sonic for her birthday. Well, congratulations on acquiring even more proof that she's the spy? Then Skye shows up, and there is much yelling and pointing of guns, with Skye screaming that she's sorry and warns them that Lucas has completed his work. Shannon points out that she's been lying for three years, but she proves she's been talking to Lucas by mentioning August 2138. Shannon hardens, but he and Jim don't have time to shoot Skye and leave her for dead because they have to go protect the portal.

This may prove more difficult, as the team stationed there already gets knocked out when Lucas shows up with his little hard-to-open toy, and swipes his hand through some figure grooves, sending a shockwave from the portal and flattening everybody.

So our heroes arrive, guns drawn, ordering Lucas to step away from the portal. He won't, though, and points out that a sonic blast could destroy the time fracture for good. Then he launches into his diatribe about he's been dreaming about this. "Open your eyes, old man! It's over! I beat you! I won!" There's some blah blah about how the next time they meet, Taylor will be on his knees, begging for mercy. Then he steps backward, the portal flashes, and he's gone.

Back at the Sixer camp, a shadowy figure approaches Skye's mom. At Terra Nova, meanwhile, Skye is crying to Josh about leaving her mom behind, and he does his best to comfort her, but their snuggling is interrupted by an infirmary worker who has come to fetch Skye, because who's there but Skye's mom, Deborah! Curran rescued her, and, even better, they should be able to synthesize the medicine. It's nice when the show remembers they can do stuff like that. Taylor's glad to see Deborah, but can barely look at Skye without appearing like he's about to vomit with rage.

Jim and Taylor debrief, with Taylor saying the Sixers camp has already disbanded. Jim's surprised that Taylor's letting Curran back into the camp, but Taylor figures Curran's earned a second chance: "Curran killed a man, but today he saved a woman's life," says Taylor, who then speaks vaguely about how most men don't get a chance to atone for their mistakes. He's talking about the mistake he made that his son can't forgive him for. "Somalia?" asks Jim. "August 2138. Lucas's mother died, because I couldn't save her. He's hated me from that moment on," says Taylor, adding that most nights he doesn't blame Lucas one bit. And now? We fight, says Taylor. That eleventh pilgrimage is coming, and hell's coming with it.

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