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He's As Cold As Ice!

Veronica leads Backup 2.0 up a flight of stairs. She finds Walker-up in the same gym where Luke discovered that his chest really needs some work. After buttering him up by complimenting his Hummer (hee), she tells him that she's there to settle Luke's account. Threatening attitude is met by threatening barks. Veronica's phone rings, and when she takes it out, she seizes the opportunity to snap the guy's picture. That phone call from Wallace was obviously planned. Cool. Veronica hands over the money, but Walker-up says that he's still going to make "that little bitch" pay. Veronica sunnily tells him he'll regret this moment. Not as much as I regret his hair.

Veronica uploads the photo into her computer and prints out a copy, which she then faxes to someone.

Icetwin's dad walks him to a cab. Icetwin asks his dad to give him another chance, but his dad isn't having it. Dude, if Icetwin can forgive your terrible acting, you can forgive him losing the car.

Veronica serves Keith a misshapen cake with a question-mark-shaped candle on top. Hee. Veronica asks when BSK is coming, but Keith tells her she isn't. Veronica says that she canceled the birthday surprise: "I was going to take you to see Santana at the Bowl." Keith tells her about the breakup. Veronica is stunned, and says she knows nothing about relationships, and that Keith should be happy on his birthday. Keith: "I just want to have a piece of cake with my daughter. That's all I want." Aw. You know how I feel about this whole development, but sweet scene nonetheless. Veronica smiles and lights the candle, and Keith takes a long time before blowing out the candle. Dude, the wish should have been easy. It's called "full-season order."

Icetwin gets out of the cab at the diner where the car was stolen. He pays off the driver, asking him to keep it between them. Since the actor didn't rate speaking rates, that's not going to be a problem. Inside, Icetwin goes to the bathroom and retrieves the steroids from an air vent in the ceiling. Wow. I didn't see the "he's got a sordid past...wait, he's REALLY a bad guy" twist coming at all. He gets in the Beamer and drives off, looking like the cat that ate the canary. On the highway, Icetwin's phone rings, and it's the Shauna mentioned earlier, who calls him "baby." He talks about her panties bursting into flames. I hate it when recapping interferes with my dinner plans. Shauna asks what the deal is with "some girl named Veronica" calling her. And here's where Icetwin discovers that canary repeats on you something fierce. Upon learning that Shauna told Veronica that she'd be seeing Icetwin soon, Icetwin hangs up and opens the package. It's full of candy. Hee. There's also a letter, which reads, "Sorry we didn't get a chance to say goodbye, but I just wanted to wish you good luck at your new school and leave you something to remember me by. It took me a while to figure out where you stashed the steroids, but there was only one place you were alone, right? In case you're wondering, the former contents of the package are somewhere between my toilet and the Pacific Ocean. Say hi to Shauna for me -- she sounds like a keeper." Heeeee hee hee. Icetwin freaks...

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