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He's As Cold As Ice!

...and he's not the only one, as at the Mexican border, the patrolman from earlier stops Walker-up, and this time, he ain't joking. Good thing you're so into anal penetration there, Sparky.

Okay, the pacing of this episode was great, as usual. And the Icetwin reveal was cool, too. I can also accept that Icetwin either figured out what Luke was doing or heard it from Logan and took advantage, since it dovetailed nicely with his plan to have the car stolen. But if Icetwin's ultimate plan was to get back together with Shauna, that means that either he's not going to that school, which seems insane, since he'd likely be disowned, or he is and Shauna's there too, which means that they'd be going to a third school together, which seems impossible. I like that Icetwin turned out to be a really bad guy; I'd just like to understand what he was doing a little better.

Veronica's spacing out listening to her Discman as her phone vibrates on the desk in the foreground. Her mom, with much better hair than in the flashbacks, tells her she misses her so much, and that she got one of Veronica's letters, although she won't say which one because she doesn't want Veronica to try to find her: "Everything will make sense when the time is right. I promise. I'll be in touch soon. Trust me, okay? I love you, and could you tell your father I said happy birthday." Veronica slips off to sleep, and dreams about all the ringtones she's going to download when she decides never, ever to set her phone to "vibrate" again.

Next week: Lisa Rinna! And Harry Hamlin! This is going to be cool. Oh, there's an election, but how important could that be?

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