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He's As Cold As Ice!

BSK is rummaging through the pots in the Mars kitchen as Backup 2.0 begs for attention. Oh, dear. BSK's really pushing Veronica's goodwill here, not that some of the blame doesn't go to Keith. I mean, I know Veronica's very mature, but sooner or later, a teenaged girl is going to have to take a moment to make it all about her. Or, in Buffy Summers's case, less "a moment" than "several years." Veronica enters, and her attitude is noticeably chillier than in the earlier meetings. She also refers to the dog as "Backup," Although it would be pretty funny if Backup had an understudy. BSK bustles around, saying that Keith's out getting groceries, and that she's making dinner for the three of them. Veronica opens a Diet Coke. I do that in times of stress too, Veronica. (Actually, forget the "in times of stress" part. I really need to cut down.) BSK says she's making fettuccine, and invites Veronica to guess what's for dessert. I'm thinking Apple Brown Listen Here, Betty, You're Not My Mother! It's actually waffles and ice cream, which BSK says she understands is Veronica's favorite. So much her favorite, in fact, that it cues a flashback... Veronica and her mother, in a kitchen that looks different. I'm not going to expend any more energy trying to figure out whether they're in the same house or not. If saving money on set design means that this show stays on the air, they can film in the freaking Magic Box for all I care. Lianne is quizzing Veronica on whom her new beau is. When Veronica tells her it's Duncan, Lianne gives a look that makes it seem like Veronica just announced that she's dating her brother. Which, if true, will cause several forum posters to cyberswagger. Lianne burns the waffles...

...and back in the present, BSK drops a coffee cup, shaking Veronica out of the flashback. As they both are cleaning it up, Keith enters with the groceries. Veronica tells BSK that she's very grateful for the effort, but that she can't stay. Keith, a little sharply, asks why not, but Veronica covers smoothly. BSK smiles that she'll ask in advance next time. I really quite like, her, but seriously? Good idea, and not just for the general politeness factor. Veronica beats a retreat.

Chop shop. A motorcycle pulls in, and oh, my. Looks like Veronica got to ride Weevil's hog after all. Weevil greets "Angel," his uncle, who asks whether Weevil's found the Lexus he asked him about. Weevil skips that question. Hee. He asks about Icetwin's car, and with Weevil speaking English and Angel speaking Spanish, we learn that it's come and gone, and also, someone named "Mario" took the piñata for his daughter's birthday. When she grows up, she wants to be big and strong. Also, she thinks breasts are yucky. Weevil thanks his uncle.

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