A Broken Heart

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Let's do the plot twist AGAIN

Newsroom. Will and his assistant Jennie. Since when do news reporters even get assistants? Last I heard, reporters had to pretty much bring in their own pens. Will is researching Danny's murder, still. Sydney calls. They discuss the residual weirdness of the kiss. She asks Will to check in on Francie, who's staying at her place due to the whole Charlie mess, since Sydney has to take a trip that week. Call ends. Jennie points out that Will sounds different when he talks to Sydney. He says, "Don't analyze me." He sends her off on some other errand. She tells him to say, "Please." He does, but then points out that "please" is implicit. I dunno about that.

SD-6. Spy Daddy walks by, looking incredibly morose. Sydney runs after him. Turns out he's going in for a routine psych evaluation. Sydney tells him his plan in Berlin was a smart one. All this is just some blah dee blah so that Sydney can ask her dad if he wants to have dinner with her on Thursday. Spy Daddy is nonplussed, and obviously too flustered to think of a way to weasel out of it.

Conference Room. Sloane tells them that the disk Sydney retrieved is made of synthetic polymers, although it was made at least 500 years before there were synthetic polymers. What. EVER. I feel like the screenwriters flip randomly through old issues of Choose Your Own Adventure when looking for new plotlines. Plus, I suspect that they all have ADD.

They move on to Sydney's new mission, which makes zero sense to me except to rack up some more frequent-flier miles for Sydney and Dixon. Actually, they're traveling under fake names all the time, so they don't even GET those miles, which doubly sucks. There's a WTO -- oops, I mean a "United Commerce Organization" meeting in Sao Paolo, and some baddies, including some guy named Jacqueneau (that's what it sounds like) are meeting in Morocco to disrupt the meetings. The gist of it is that Sydney (as "Kate Jones") and Dixon (whose fake name I'm not recording, since he hardly ever gets to do anything except stay behind the scenes) are to go in and try to ID Jacqueneau's client, and thus prevent them from disrupting the meeting. Sydney's excited because she gets to meet up with her friend Machtar, an Egyptian commando, again.

Sloane turns it over to Marshall, who's bouncing in his seat from suppressed excitement. He's designed a special purse with a parabolic microphone, although unfortunately the purse is decorated with some hideous pukka shells. Marshall demonstrates how the microphone can filter out all kinds of wind, and starts to mimic the types of wind it can withstand. I love how Marshall is geekily, unrestrainedly passionate about his work. Sydney tries not to laugh. Russet looks all, "Who the hell is this guy, and why haven't you filled his Ritalin prescription yet?"

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