A Broken Heart

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Let's do the plot twist AGAIN

SD-6. Sloane tells Spies Like Us about the info Sydney and Dixon gathered in Morocco: Jacqueneau was meeting with demolition expert Malik Suari. Doesn't that sound suspiciously close to Mena Suvari? It turns out that Patel, "the winner of the Edgar Peace Prize" and former president of the Southern Hemisphere Human Rights Organization, is inadvertently working with Jacqueneau. Jacqueneau is using Patel to send a message to the UCO that the UCO needs to be abolished, since Jacqueneau is apparently a huge fan of irony. Sydney expositions that Jacqueneau is going to plant an explosive on Patel. Sloane says that indeedy he is, and that their job is to disarm the explosive and safeguard the UCO and Patel.

Sao Paolo. Men in dark eveningwear and women in very bright eveningwear stroll by. Sydney, hair teased, sporting a year's supply of bronzer and an outfit ripped off from Charo, works the room. She's wearing a hideous beaded gold tank top and gold leather pants, people. Gold. Leather. Pants. Well, when Sydney retires from secret agent-ing, at least she'll have the Miami Beach wardrobe all ready.

Los Angeles. Will, researching Daniel's death. He's on the phone. He says, "Daniel wasn't traveling alone?"

Camera swish-pans back to Sydney in Sao Paolo. Patel drinks something and passes out. Dixon tells Sydney to get the glass. She does, and passes it off to Dixon. Mena Suvari watches them from the shadows. In the hall, Dixon adds some powder to the remainder of Patel's drink and tells Sydney that they've drugged him with some designer sedative. Dixon stays behind to follow Mena Suvari while Sydney follows Patel, who's being loaded into a van.

Los Angeles. Newsroom. Will tries to get the name of the woman who was traveling with Daniel. His contact refuses. Will offers up a date with Jennie as incentive. Jennie just keeps saying, "No, no, no!" instead of walking away and filing a sexual harassment suit. He hands the phone to Jennie. Jennie says she'd love to go out with him. Her face falls flatter than a failed souffle as she hands it back to Will. The contact tells Will that Daniel was booked to fly out with "Kate Jones." That Will! What a character! His complete disregard for the feelings of his assistant, and his willingness to treat women like cattle in his pursuit of a good story, just endear him to me even further! What dedication! He's the next Woodward AND Bernstein!

Sao Paolo. Where the streets have no name. Sydney, avec motorcycle, follows Patel in his VW van. She watches as the baddies take him to some warehouse-y type location. She follows. Those pants are doing her no favors. Yech. Cut between a makeshift operating room and Sydney scaling and climbing various things to get to a good vantage point. There are many, many graphic and ooky close-ups of the doctor's cutting into Patel's chest. They are not, however, as grody as Sydney's gold leather pants.

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