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Enough With The Postponing...On With The Inevitable!

Previously on The Lonely Gloat Herd: Shii Ann realized that she, as a person with no allies or friends, was slightly outgunned by a solid alliance of six people. She decided that her "best chance" was to "stir it up." Of course, the stirring might have worked better if it had been accompanied by some strategic approach other than "please save my ass, oh benevolent Boston sleazehound," but Shii Ann does not specialize in strategy, no matter what you've heard. From, you know, her. Rupert won a reward challenge because, ironically, he was the last person to get his face smashed in. Maybe that's only ironic to me. This put him in charge of assigning meals to the group in order of how much he liked everyone. I mean, he could have done it another way, but obviously, it's Rupert, and he's going to do it in order of how much he likes everyone. And, of course, he will save for himself the biggest slice of "IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" cake. Alicia got her pert little nose out of joint when the rest of the tribe suggested that she didn't deserve to be an All-Star, by which they meant, "We don't like you." Jenna chose to take it more in stride when the tribe called her the one who never shuts up. By which they meant, "We don't like you." Shii Ann tried to convince the members of a six-person alliance that they needed her to win, and they failed to see how that would be the case. Unfortunately, Shii Ann won immunity, meaning that we would all be subjected to her behavior for another week, which is about the way her tribe felt about it. She was shocked to find that even having won immunity, she was still treated as largely irrelevant as the former Chaperans pondered the best way to begin chipping at their own tribe. Because she never formed particularly strong sub-alliances, and because she ultimately let the bad side of her personality dominate, Alicia took the hit at tribal council and Chaboga Mogo sent her home. By which they meant, "We still don't like you." Only six people are left. Will Shii Ann win immunity, or will she finally be banished? Oh, one can only hope.

Credits. It's very strange, looking at everyone who started this game and the people who have made it this far. It's just not the configuration of folks you might have predicted. Hell, it's not the configuration of folks I did predict, so I know, I guess I won't be making my fortune playing the ponies.

Chaboga Mogo, Day 31. Jenna comments on what a nice day it is, and a pretty bird with lovely blue and green feathers preens prettily in a tree, then says back to her, "Tweet! Go home, for God's sake! You people have been here for months! Who in the hell are you? What is with all the cameras? TWEET!" Shii Ann watches Jenna tend the fire, thinking about what Jenna's hair would look like festooned with orange embers. Shii Ann interviews that on this, the first really nice day she's had since they changed camps again, it occurs to her that she has no friends. And now she's stuck with people who don't trust her or like her. It's very sad indeed, the way her name came up in that random drawing in which one person was chosen to have an unsatisfying social life. We watch Shii Ann cut up some plantains as she explains that it's all become "very unpleasant."

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