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Back to Sparky and Jughead. Jack's all, okay, so it's screwed up. Can't we fill in the missing pieces? Sloane's all, yeah, because that wouldn't take SIX MONTHS or anything. Jack's all, where'd the error occur, dude? Sloane informs him that it got fouled up at a government-operated facility in Ho Chi Minh City. "I'm sending in Sydney and Dixon to retrieve them," he finishes. Jack's all, okay, so that handles Echelon. Who's handling the Marshall situation? Sloane just stares at Jack, twists his mouth a bit, and says, "We've changed his access codes. There is nothing that Marshall can tell Cuvee that could possibly hurt us." Jack's all, the hell? You mean...wait, what DO you mean? You're gonna leave him there to be tortured and killed? You know he's gonna be tortured and killed, right? Sloane just smiles coldly and says, "Oh yes, I'm sure he will be. I've already contacted SD-4. There'll be a replacement in op tech by morning." Man, Sloane's one cold son of a bitch. Jack purses his lips again as I throw pistachios at the screen and shout, "YOU FUCKER!"

As we watch Sloane and Jack glower at each other, we hear Jack voice-over, "That was the extent of his concern." We cut back to Ops Center as Jack continues, saying, "It was as if someone had overcooked his STEAK." Heh. I know this is no laughing matter, but that kind of made me giggle. Mostly because Victor Garber spits out the word "steak" so hard that I'm surprised Jennifer Garner's left eye wasn't blinded but also because, after rewinding the tape and viewing that scene again, it was TOTALLY like someone had overcooked Sloane's steak and he was less than pleased. In fact, I half expected him to take a sip of wine between his lips, swirl it around, and then snap his fingers and order a new bottle because the '92 was less than satisfactory.

After drenching her eye with Visine and blotting it with Vaughn's monogrammed hankie, Syd says that Cuvee's going to try to get Marshall to reverse-engineer the software and get it back online. Jack's all, yeah, we know that, but you need two things to get on Echelon, okay? The software, AND an access point. He blithers on about how software is like a map and leads you to the doorway of the system, and the access point is the door, most likely a satellite. Yeah. Someone wake me WHEN THE ASS-KICKING STARTS. Yawn. Jack's all, if we can find the door Cuvee went through and lock it, he won't get on, not even with Marshall's help. Kommandant Kendall's all, well, the only problem with that, Mister Smarty-Pants, is that our diagnostics team has run a comprehensive system analysis and they can't find the breach.

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