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A La Casa

Outside, Kellerman's pacing around with his cell phone, impatiently asking someone where the equipment is. He learns that Amy has to be there to sign for it. He asks why he can't do it and then quickly asserts that it's not a problem -- he'll make sure that Amy is there. He looks around hopelessly then gets a flash of inspiration. "Maggie," he mutters, heading inside.

"You did what?" Gina demands, slamming a vacuum cleaner on her cart. She tells Dalgety that she didn't want his help. He tries to stammer some sort of explanation. She gripes that he's just like every other doctor, thinking he can do whatever he wants. She wheels her cart around. "I don't need to be rescued. I was fine before you came along." Dalgety pleads that he was just trying to help. "Thanks a lot doctor," she says, sounding anything but grateful. "We had our fun, now just leave me alone." She leaves with a parting glare, and Kellerman rushes into the room. Urgently, he tells Dalgety that he needs help finding Yang. "Why, what've we got?" Dalgety asks. "Delivery," Kellerman answers, bounding into the hallway. "Breech?" Dalgety asks, following him. Ladies and gentlemen, we have our second wah-wah of the evening.

Cut to Yang in the midst of receiving a verbal thrashing. Joyner says that it was a juvenile stunt to hide the papers, and she's "not the least bit amused." Yang says she didn't think Mr. Williams was ready to go. "Based on three hours practicing as a medical doctor," Joyner sneers. Yang points out that the man cannot swallow or get around. Joyner says that two more days in the hospital won't change that; Williams needs home care and rehab. Yang says the HMO is rushing him out. "Without the HMO, he'd be sent home without any rehab," Joyner says. Yang looks abashed. Joyner says that Yang is viewed as a top prospect and that everyone wants her to do well. She offers Yang some advice: "Play by the rules, and choose your role models carefully." Yang looks stricken. "Yeeeah. I heard about your little escapade with doctors Kellerman and Dalgety, and just so we're clear, that kind of behavior is unacceptable for a resident in my program," Joyner states. Yang looks whipped. "Are we clear?" Joyner snaps. Yang confirms that they are.

"You posed as a member of the film crew?" Dalgety asks incredulously. "I was just trying to help a patient -- you'd have done the same thing," Kellerman answers, nonchalant. "If I'd have thought of it," Dalgety says. They spin around in the lobby, about to give up the search for the elusive Yang, when they run almost smack into her. I notice that she's wearing some very insensible pumps for her first day of rounds. The doctors each grab an elbow and steer Yang into an alcove, where they relay that they need her to partake in a little fraud. She says she can't. But it's for a patient! She reiterates that she can't -- the delivery guys will never buy that she's Amy Park. "You know, I'm Chinese, not Korean," she points out. Dalgety counters, "It doesn't matter. People think I'm Irrrish all the time." Kellerman is about to agree but stops, stunned. "Really?" he asks. Heh. Dalgety confirms that it's true. Yang hangs tough, apologizes, and walks away. "What happened to us being inspiring?" Dalgety muses. Please, that was so yesterday. He leaves Kellerman to wrack his brains.

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