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A La Casa

Meanwhile, the mobile VAD has arrived out back, and Amy's not sure why. She scrutinizes her props list, and it looks as though all is lost. Right. She just shrugs and muses, "Musta been one of the network suits." She signs the form and orders one of the crew to haul the VAD up to the lockup. Dalgety and Kellerman arrive just in time to see the little unit slipping through their fingers. "Now what?" Dalgety says, scratching his head in an endearingly simian fashion. They've got some time to ponder the dilemma as we head to commercials.

After the break, we join the director and Dr. Tech, looking frustrated. "Cut!" the director yells, rubbing his face in exasperation. He complains that their "gal isn't being heroic enough." Pangborn leans in and whispers, "Heroic or not, you're outta here by nine." The director takes a second to hate his life, then orders, "All right, once more!"

Cue the crime jazz. Kellerman's peering at the darkened door of the third-floor lockup, with the aid of a flashlight held by Dalgety. Why are the lights off? I mean, aside from the fact that it adds a little ambiance to the caper currently underway. Anyway, Kellerman begins the surgical procedure of picking the lock, Dalgety handing him the tools required. "This is theft, you know," Dalgety whispers, and adds helpfully, "Grand theft." Kellerman points out that he's not stealing the equipment; he's just borrowing it. That should hold up in court. He springs the lock. "Give me the light," he says, turning toward Dalgety. Dalgety obliges him with a little physical comedy and shines it directly in his face. Kellerman snorts in disgust and grabs for the flashlight, managing to blind Dalgety in the process. He tells Dalgety to go see if anyone is coming. Dalgety protests that he "can't see a bloody thing."

Meanwhile, the director is insisting to Amy that he doesn't know anything about this mobile VAD that's been requested. She describes the unit for him, and he sees its possibilities. "That's perfect! That's just what I need for the ending!" he exclaims. He tells Amy that he needs the machine right away. Of course he does. Dalgety overhears this and races off to warn Kellerman.

Dalgety finds the lockup empty of Kellerman and the mobile VAD, and tries to find a substitute for the equipment. He MacGyvers something using a vacuum cleaner, a hose, and a tiny monitor.

Kellerman rolls the mobile VAD triumphantly into Lopez's room, announcing that the man is finally going home. Hallelujah.

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