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A La Casa

Amy cautiously pushes open the lockup door, peering in and informing Dalgety that he's not supposed to be in there. Dalgety plays it off like he's just grabbing some toilet paper for the doctors' lounge. Amy turns to Dr. Tech and tells him to hurry up and find the machine. Dr. Tech asks Dalgety if he's seen a mobile VAD unit. Dalgety pretends to look around and waves at the vacuum contrivance. "Are you sure?" Dr. Tech asks dubiously. Already on his way out, Dalgety calls over his shoulder that he's sure of it.

Cut to Kellerman hooking up Lopez to the mobile unit. He gives L.L. instructions on how to care for it, and tells him to pull his van up out front. He manages to bite back to the urge to tell L.L. to keep the engine running.

Meanwhile, out front, Yang trudges past Amy, who's loudly complaining into her cell phone. Spotting Yang, Amy says, "Hey doc, I gotta fly a second meal in for the crew. Any idea who delivers this late?" Yang halts, fishes the menus out of her pocket, and hands them over. "Wow," Amy says admiringly. "You doctors know everything." That's wah-wah number three, for those of you keeping score. Yang is too busy dragging her sorry, rule-breaking ass down the sidewalk to appreciate the irony.

Dalgety scopes left and right down a corridor, then waves Kellerman and Lopez out. "I hope they buy it," he says. Kellerman promises that he owes Dalgety one. "You owe me two," Dalgety says. Kellerman wheels Lopez's wheelchair down the hallway, with a nurse pushing the mobile VAD alongside. Coones pops up at Dalgety's elbow and asks to have a word.

Cut to Pangborn and the director, who wonders loudly why they aren't shooting yet. Dr. Tech wheels out the mobile vac, and Amy exclaims, "What the hell is that?" Dr. Tech tells her it's the mobile VAD, but she's not buying. She insists that it isn't the thing she signed for. She spots Kellerman and Lopez and, pointing, says, "That's the mobile unit I signed for." Kellerman stops short and tries to turn around. Not such an easy maneuver with a blood machine plugged into your cargo. Pangborn rushes up, hissing, "What do you think you're doing? You stole from the film shoot!" The director, Amy, and Dr. Tech wander over with the mobile vac. The director asks what's going on, and Amy says there must have been some confusion. She indicates the mobile VAD and says it's their unit. The director, perplexed, looks from the mobile VAD to the mobile vac, saying they both look like TVs to him. He asks Dr. Tech to make the call on which one they should use. Dr. Tech catches Kellerman's leading look and chooses the mobile vac. "All right! That's the one I love!" the director beams. He notices Mr. Lopez, and murmurs, "This guy's the real deal. I want to start the shot on him." It's Pangborn's turn to give a leading look. Kellerman knows better than to argue, and agrees. The director hurries off, and Pangborn leans in to whisper to Kellerman, "You'd be so busted if we didn't need this money!"

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