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A La Casa

Cut to Letitia's office, where Gina is already waiting when Coones and Dalgety arrive. Dalgety looks at Gina and asks what's going on. Letitia gives him a finger-wag and warns him not to talk to Gina. She reassures Gina, "You're safe here." Coones informs Dalgety that they take sexual harassment "very seriously." Unless it involves color photocopies or shower scenes, that is. Dalgety can't believe his ears. He asks Gina what she told them. Letitia warns him not to speak to Gina. Dalgety insists, "I did not sexually harrrass this girl!" "Woman," Letitia corrects. Gina confirms that Dalgety is telling the truth. "We had sex. That's it," she says. "That's it?" Dalgety asks, a little wounded. "That's it," Gina growls. Insisting that it was consensual, Gina asks if she can leave. Dalgety won't let her go yet, clarifying that it's more than just sex between them. Gina mockingly asks if he'd call it a relationship. Coones asks what the two of them would even talk about. "Everrrathing," Dalgety says. Gina hahs scornfully, and Coones echoes the sentiment. Dalgety holds up a warning hand to Coones, saying that he doesn't know what he's talking about. Dalgety explains that he tried to help Gina, not for sexual favors, but because he wanted to do something nice for her. He turns to Gina, saying that he just wanted to try to show her that he does care. Her eyes soften. He laments that he messed everything up. Shaking her head softly, she assures him that he didn't. They basically forget that there's anyone else in the room, and Letitia tells Coones that they should leave the two of them alone. Coones sputters, not sure what just happened. Letitia drags him out, complaining indignantly, "We've got a real problem to deal with. Someone stole one of our vacuums!" Coones pauses at the door, needing a little more evidence of Dalgety's sexual preferences, and looks troubled by what he sees. Dalgety and Gina press their foreheads together and then kiss.

Kellerman wheels Lopez out, as we watch them on the director's monitor. Lopez tells Kellerman that he doesn't know what just happened, but thanks. Kellerman hands off the wheelchair duty to some guy named Mike, and watches Lopez glide away into the glowing white light at the end of the corridor. No, really. Pangborn sidles up and asks where Lopez is going. "Home to die," Kellerman says with satisfaction. He leaves Pangborn to stare after Lopez, reflecting. Or maybe she's just wondering how the hospital can afford all the electricity it takes to make the hallway glow like that. The director calls a wrap before she can have a life- or budget-changing moment, and walks up to clap her on the shoulder. He presents her with a check, which brings a big smile to her face.

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