A La Casa

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A La Casa

Outside, Joyner finds Yang slumped at the bus stop. Wordlessly, she jangles her car keys. Yang comes out of whatever stupor she was in -- which isn't a safe state for a young woman waiting alone at a darkened bus stop to be in, I'd like to point out -- and stands to accept the offer of a ride.

Kellerman listens to the annoying message on his ex's answering machine, and then leaves a message for Pam, confirming that Saturday's a go. "Tell Mac I'm really looking forward to it," he says, because he can't possibly talk to the kid himself. He hangs up and smiles.

Outside, Dalgety and Gina stroll from the hospital holding hands. They almost part ways, but Dalgety stops her with an offer to "get a bite to eat." The camera pans up the hospital behind them, while the uplifting music lets us know that all is right with the world.

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